Twila prequel to fame from farm girl to the MVP of the Olympic women's volleyball team

twila prequel to fame from farm girl to Olympic women's volleyball team MVP

on September 3, 2016, twila in henan zhengzhou in media event.(visual/Chinese figure)

twila are competing for a while get up, rowing coach asked her to practice rowing, basketball coach to her to basketball practice.Zhoukou sports schools only volleyball coach in the summer sea interrupted them, "she this size suitable for volleyball practice."Can be a lifetime of farming Zhu Anliang completely don't understand the sports, he mentally, "what is the volleyball?"

twila joke when she was in a good mood and his father, "don't spent you anywhere, are you later."Later twila use the prize money to pay off the balance of home, back to home and bought a car, a county of the house.

on August 21, 2016, Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games women's volleyball final end before long, the Chinese women's volleyball team ace spiker twila from Brazil to henan zhoukou city sports school principals in the summer of network video calls on land or sea.

network signal is bad, has been off and on.Most of the summer sea congratulations twila didn't listen to clear, she only heard a "have a good rest.Across the globe, twila answer first trainer flatly, "know."

the summer sea think twila changed, and couldn't say for sure is a general manner or to honor the couse, anyhow she and not the same as a child.In fact, twila have every reason to feel proud.As Chinese women's volleyball team's ace spiker twila not only help the team won the gold MEDALS of Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games, she is in the Olympic Games in eight games to get 179 points, among all the top players score, and won the Olympic women's volleyball team MVP (most valuable player).

in the semi-finals against Holland, twila is got the 33 points in the games.She also contributed in the game a face pack - after scoring in the drop shot, she shook her finger appear very proud expression on his face, the hand immediately by Chinese jokes are named "contempt" of the king.Twila later responded that the expression is "improvisation", she said, this is a kind of subconscious emotional displays, intended to inspire their swagger on the pitch and morale.

twila no accidental fire.However, few people know that the girl from the age of 13 from henan zhoukou, went into a long game with fate.

rural girl

on July 20, 2016, flew to Brazil from the Chinese women's volleyball team to take part in the Olympic Games there are 9 days, twila Zhu Anliang to my father a phone call, "dad, you send me something from home, I want to to Brazil."

Zhu Anliang little doubt, "also do not have what good things in the home, what do you want?"In Beijing twila pause for a few seconds, "or send some noodles, if eat the rice I zha play of uneasiness in Brazil."Zhu Anliang with pressure noodle maker gave his daughter a 10 jins liner.

twila home does no good.He nan qiu twila home is located in the state-level counties canal village, township Zhu Dalou from there in less than two kilometers, east is, anhui bozhou, claimed yesterday, zhoukou, henan provinces at the junction of three cities.Zhoukou city and the other six state-level counties, on the eastern plain autumn canal township in addition to the agriculture almost no other source of income.

twila life in the past ten years, she had not been autumn canal township.2004, twila to read junior high school, he nan county Zhu Anliang from autumn open canal township agricultural tricycle to send her, had been carefully recorded the changes of odometer, "one-way 33 km, mostly dirt, rocked ass pain."

in 1994, was born in Zhu Dalou village twila.Zhujiajian house is about 100 square meters, the walls of adobe and toughness plant building, the roof covered with park, is a typical eastern farm small courtyard.

Zhu Anliang and Yang had five children, and seven are daughter, twila ranking the third.Zhu Anliang self-study repair, in front of the Huang Gu river built a small workshop, fix bicycle, agricultural tricycle.Shirley young daughters generally precocious, especially twila, mother of childhood twila impression is that "working would help her sister,".

in the age of five, Zhu Anliang send twila Zhu Dalou elementary school.In school, twila is still unknown.Except once silent hold down shovel by the classmates and her third grade teacher in charge rui-hua gao to now also not remember, the peasant girl has done what the teacher remember, "very common one child, her height was not prominent, more than forty students in my class, a decade or two of medium grade."

elementary school graduation in 2004, Zhu Anliang called twila to and said, "why don't you go to the south to work.""All the studies, I want to go to school," twila or want to read.Zhu Anliang malicious to settle "that you don't on the autumn canal, to the county, province I wanted to call you miss home working."

it was ten years old twila out of autumn canal township for the first time.She sat in the Zhu Anliang tricycle, bumpy all the way to he nan county, east of secondary schools in the new century.

in the new century middle school, twila very province, only with Zhu Anliang to $20 a week with the cost of living, Zhu Anliang 30 to her, told her to say: "you have to eat meat."Junior middle school three year, twila did not fat.Twila to 3, 2006, the new head teacher Zhang Xinyi alarmed when saw her, "the child more than one meter seven, huang doesn't help, very thin."

2007 years before, Zhang Xinyi asked the students one by one after graduating from junior high school.Turn in the class has been in a medium grade twila, Zhang Xinyi straight to the theme, "you want to get what?""Teacher zhang, what do you think I can get what?"Confused twila looked at Zhang Xinyi said.

Zhang Xinyi thought, medium grade twila may be difficult to academically beyond their peers, so I asked her, "are you afraid of does not fear endures hardship?""Not afraid", twila answer very simply."That you go to the sports practice."Say that finish this sentence, see twila Zhang Xinyi smiled.

"why didn't you take her to"

in early August 2007, Zhang Xinyi is busy with preparations for the new semester began, twila suddenly get through his phone, "teacher zhang, you not is say let me to practice sports, zha don't say it now?"

he let twila come back to the county seat.In the evening, he found he nan city high PE teacher zhi-yi Yang, "a student want to practice sports, you first take a look at."Athletes born zhi-yi Yang attended the first national peasant games, the sixth throwing event, the two of them had worked in he nan white horse 3 colleagues.

13 twila show zhi-yi Yang made a standing long jump.Zhi-yi Yang felt very satisfied, he'll zhoukou city sports school (hereinafter referred to as the sports school in zhoukou) classmates FuMingShan a phone call, "the child to jump two meters, not common."FuMingShan excited, "hurry up."

the next day, zhi-yi Yang, Zhang Xinyi Zhu Anliang and twila to zhoukou sports school for land, sea and in the summer of the then vice President.Summer sea, FuMingShan then leave her Zhu Anliang both live a night.Night, accompanied FuMingShan Zhu Anliang and zhi-yi Yang drank a jin of liquor, twila sitting nearby, quietly looking at three people drink until midnight.

wait until the summer sea returned to the sports school, let him first impression is twila height.Then twila had reached 78 m.He let twila made simple touch, high jump test.Very pleased tests finished, summer sea twila physical condition, he may even accuse Zhang Xinyi, "why didn't you take her?"Zhang Xinyi also helpless, "rural practice sports zha know?"

the volleyball is a traditional advantage project, zhoukou zhoukou of sports school in 1974, the first project is the volleyball.Zhoukou sports schools in the history of sending a large number of volleyball players to the henan team, including current ZhanHaiGen henan women's volleyball team head coach.

since 2003, affected by the changes in zhoukou city planning, zhoukou sports school site is to be demolished, it was not until 2013 that sports school in zhoukou city rental housing in running schools, summer sea called it "10 years of drift".Zhu Anliang belt twila, sports schools is rent a bungalow office, the only training venues is a piece of open land.

what's worse, the 1990 s when the gold medal first became popular throughout the country, because of the volleyball unlike can produce more gold MEDALS in the weight lifting, swimming and so on, "the leader says zhoukou city funds nervous, for a moment that's it."Zhoukou of volleyball development from now on to a standstill, were sent twila, zhoukou sports schools have no volleyball player, summer sea also rerouted to catch a judo and water three categories kayak and rowing and canoeing.

at the time, this is all advantages of zhoukou city project, zhoukou sports school judo champion Li Yiqing first conveying a World Cup, the Asian games rowing champion zhang li, liu, MuSuLi.

twila in tests showed extraordinary flexibility and coordination, this let summer sea decided that she is more suitable for demanding position of volleyball.Flexible and coordination for a never contact ball training children how important?Summer sea, for instance, he took a 14-year-old boy height 2 meters to henan province sports bureau test, "the boy ran ran down turn".

twila to sports school is only 13 years old, her future potential for body, the coaches in the mind also entrepreneurs.Summer sea belt twila zhoukou city people's hospital to do the CT, bone age and drove it into zhengzhou do test, the doctor predicted she will reach a height of 186 cm - enough to setter in the henan team play and free.

took everyone by surprise, twila eventually to 195 cm long.Summer sea often joke with visiting journalists, "this one meter 86 was given by her parents, more that 9 cm was given by god."

although twila entered the sports school, zhoukou, playing volleyball, but according to the condition of zhoukou sports school at the time, cannot provide twila even amateur training, summer sea waiting to let her go home first.During the summer vacation, volleyball competition held in kaifeng in henan province, summer sea called twila, to meet the provincial coaches, provincial coaches are also very satisfied, "the condition is good, but the age is too young to go to the provincial sports school training."

"pain didn't also way, must be in"

one day late August 2007, Zhu Anliang when repair is the river, the phone rang.Henan province sports school admissions office of the people on the phone said, let him hurriedly prepared twila school tuition fees and living expenses, "a year thirty thousand multivariate.Scared of Zhu Anliang carefully ask: "is a clear? A/I really can't afford to."

answer but is no, Zhu Anliang to raise the money didn't have time to slowly.

at the provincial sports school, show a athletic children were assigned to the regular class and sport class.Twila was originally assigned to the regular class, just after 12 days, she was transferred to the sports class, exercise class children training better grades, you can get 4 yuan in the life of every day.

provincial sports school women's volleyball coach 19 twila would soon notice that it has no physical basis, "she was's body a long time, often appear 'growing pain, limping by walking sometimes, but never because of pain, please leave, so high is the practice of rolls, practice diving, also is unequivocally."

in 2009, the provincial sports school progress rapidly twila and chosen by henan women's volleyball team head coach's summer sea from zhoukou ZhanHaiGen sports school out of the apprentice.ZhanHaiGen had to call the summer sea, describe twila volleyball talent: "I gave her to jump shots killed, she just jumped up and celebrate as it landed, jump higher than the first."

the fate of the door completely open to the twila.She quickly engines of growth for the henan women's volleyball team followed, and began to prepare for the national team.In 2011, the world junior championships in women's volleyball team won the silver medal, twila scored 87 points, the tenth in the all team members.In 2012 women's volleyball team YaQingSai, twila ranked second with 105 points.In 2013, FIFA twila was named most valuable player.That same year, she went to women's volleyball legend lang ping coaching the national team.

the Chinese women's volleyball team in sports is a special existence.In the 1980 s, the team realized in three women's volleyball world championship matter run, become the symbol of the early reform and opening up national progress.Later, Chinese women's volleyball team achievement ups and downs, but always is expected to offer the most three big ball team.

in 2013, lang ping is just took over the Chinese women's volleyball team.At that time, the Chinese women's volleyball team are at all-time low in competitions.Lang ping brought a large number of young players is not yet mature, including the receiving technology is described by the media as "disastrous" the henan women's volleyball team ace spiker twila.

lang ping to eager, in 2014, summer sea, ZhanHaiGen and henan province sports bureau row tube center a leader to tianjin to visit twila.See coach LangPingShi, henan province sports bureau leadership to introduce her to the summer sea: "this is twila coach."Find eager to lang ping said to summer sea, "I heard twila has a younger sister, you stare at me!"

under the guidance of lang ping, Chinese women's volleyball team gradually regained strength.Rio Olympics before the Renaissance of the Chinese women's volleyball team in all competitions get four titles and 3 second.Game players fighting spirit was fans into a popular joke: the Chinese table tennis team beat rival cry, Chinese women's volleyball team beat the audience cry.

with the honor with the injuries.Zhi-yi Yang and Zhang Xinyi had called at Zhu Anliang, drink several cups of liquor, to two teachers speak Zhu Anliang twila hardships, "she called me said, dad, I'm too tired to can not stand the pain, don't want to practice."Zhu Anliang don't know her daughter's pain come from, because she never said.Quiet a long time, Zhu Anliang openings: "even if you don't practice, whether you want to do, I also want to take you for saucepans."

mother Shirley young also feel sorry, she always think volleyball the third daughter had taken away from her.Since into the sports school 9 years, twila less than two months of the time at home, "the first few years back, often is a wound."

on August 26, 2015, in the women's volleyball World Cup fourth round, China against South Korea.The fourth stage of start, twila block landing right foot to the other players on his feet, causing injury to his right ankle.Shirley young sit not to live at home and watch live, "bad, bad."Zhu Anliang hurriedly comfort her, "don't panic, if can also play is not big."He himself also nervous, he saw from the live twila pain straight sweat.

the second game, has long been China pressed south Korean women's volleyball team will take to 14 to 13.At this moment, twila play again.Although twila walk a little awkward, but she finally took the key and my teammates the fourth, finally let the Chinese women's volleyball with a 3-1 win.

the next morning, twila from Japan to Zhu Anliang a video call.Zhu Anliang has made no secret of his daughter, he home as saying: "twila, you really strong, still hurt not painful?"

"pain didn't also way, must be."Hear daughter said to be so direct, originally very happy Zhu Anliang dazed, don't know how to answer the words.

after the end of the young women's volleyball world championship 2011, summer sea was then many a put on a mission: twila return home during a year, he will shuttle twila.Especially in 2013 after his team, twila has become the symbol of henan sports to some extent.

in order to solve the trouble back at home of twila training and competition, the local government will Zhu Anliang home on poverty alleviation project recipients.Village of zhujiajian in Zhu Dalou adobe torn down and back again to build 4 bungalow, the local government provides most of the money.Turn the feel specially to Zhu Anliang door in the village, two new cement road near his home village called "twila all the way", "twila 2".

twila family condition is also changed.Zhu Anliang gave twila calculated brushstroke zhang, into the provincial sports school from 2007 to 2007 in the team, Zhu Anliang with car to earn money and borrow money from friends and family support twila, spent more than one hundred and twenty thousand.Twila joke with him when she was in a good mood, "spent you anywhere, not after you."This is not a joke, twila with prize money to pay off the balance of home, back to home and bought a car, a county of the house.

in early August 2016, Zhu Anliang a new house to live, and moved to the county seat left Zhu Dalou village.Zhu Anliang after going to make their homes in the county, only during rush back to stay a while in the village.However, because of the Olympics, let Zhu Anliang soon returned to his hometown.

on August 21, under the local government organizations, dozens of journalists and hundreds of villagers were invited to Zhu Anliang in Zhu Dalou village home, watch the Rio DE janeiro Olympic women's volleyball finals.

when the game to the fourth 22-22, at ordinary times twila a smash hit in Serbia number 10 auge Norwich's face, which immediately fall on the ground for half a minute at a time.See this scene Zhu Anliang very nervous, "if the people hit wrong with, twila not responsible for what?"

when the final whistle blew, the farm small courtyard boils thoroughly.Chinese women's volleyball team to win an Olympic gold medal after 12 years, twila has become China's leading scorer.She also won the Olympic women's volleyball team MVP (most valuable player).

the game at the same time, Zhu Anliang a farewell to the past quiet life thoroughly.Many sponsors have to call him, ask twila endorsements, Zhu Anliang a then a refusal.A radiator manufacturer to pull product to his home, Zhu Anliang didn't let go.

twila quickly back to him, "I have been trying to, isn't it?"

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