6 red ball world championships: ding junhui finally a run-off China's 3 will all group to break

Beijing time on September 8, 2016 world snooker 6 red ball world championships in Thailand over the group stage of the journey, 3 contestants all promotion in China, with 2-3 ding junhui and liang wenbo respectively after the 4-1, 00 teenager Yuan Sijun 4-1.

6 red ball world championship race group USES is 5 out of 9 sets of format, each group of four stages, before the single failure elimination, considering the particularity of the game, so the accident of the relatively large.Competitions held since 2012, has been the tsu an important tournament, mark - Davis, a former two-time championship, maguire title in 2014, 2015 local players guess the winning the championship. this competition, liang wenbo, ding junhui and Yuan Sijun respectively in group B, C and G group.Because of the format and rules, so the chance is opposite bigger, it is so, the world's first selby, glasses man gould, ding junhui will lose the ball in the group stage.
6 red ball world championships: ding junhui finally a run-off China team to break all three will ding junhui in five games, the first 4-5 decider to pan kayani - o varney, the second game of ding junhui 5-1 victory over Thailand players fan - Fan Buen, third encounter Robert mir perkins in 3-5 defeat, defeat before game 4 0 to 5 Shanghai masters champion Dominic dale.Key game 5, ding junhui 5 to 1 victory over the Thomson, the only difficult team to qualify.

two other Chinese player liang wenbo and Yuan Sijun performed very well. on its first day played a 5-0 sweep Mr Zhou, 5-3 victory over Michael holt.The second day although 3-5 loss Song Sha tile, but he then immediately 5-0 zero sealing the opponent and bentham - el tower han;Fifth, liang wenbo 5-2 win over glasses man Martin gould, successful team to break.

after 00 teenager Yuan Sijun 5-3 wins gold left hand mark Williams, matt WuShen 5-4 win over Poland players, 2-5 lost maguire, poor 5-3 victory over Thailand players putin, 5-2 - New Zealand player Daniel hearn, achieve a 4-1, broke into the same after 32, his opponent in the subsequent is Thailand old great tana.

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