Barcelona controversial people break the dusty world war I record!Ten years pillar emerge?

Barcelona controversial people break the dusty world war I record! Ten years pillar emerge?

, the root of the straw to watch

sina sports - after Barcelona away bravo, straw is a round of league became obvious starting goalkeeper, he can also become one of the most watched the match Barcelona players, he can use their own stable play to prove himself worthy of starting on the goalkeeper position, is a point of barca fans are concerned.

the game both teams tactics intention is very obvious, athletic bilbao team crazy pressure, try to take advantage of high closing down to opportunity, while Barcelona opted to use the opponent's closing down, to control the ball in the backcourt, then through the long ball to launch a fast counter-attack, to attack weak defence.Such tactics also let as a goalkeeper, root straw very much involved in the team in the back of the ball group, most of the time on the pitch, crazy closing down, in the face of the opponent's root straw can be very calm at the foot of the ball to his teammates, successfully resolve athletic bilbao player high closing down, making the team get a fast counter-attack opportunity.

Barcelona controversial people break the dusty world war I record! Ten years pillar emerge?

face melt embarrassing

but, root or straw sat courtside enrique pinched the staff, the 12th minute, Mr Straw root in the absence of the other players are closing down, choose the ball busquets, but his passing intention was too obvious, and slow velocity, so the ball just spread to the other party midfielder yossi Virginia's feet.Bei, after plug in to complete the game right foot volley, the ball fair, just hit the, straw root face.In case of a very low-level mistakes,, root straw and fight in a different way guarded the gate has been breached.

this unexpected incident did not give, root straw too big impact, in the back of the game, in the face of the opponent's pressure, Mr Straw root still choose patience cooperate to seek with guards, rather than blindly feet forward tee, but also made the ball out of the other closing down.Match,, a total of 62 feet, root pass, including 51 passes in place, this is the Spanish since '05 -' 06 introduce pass number statistics, the goalkeeper in one game successfully pass the number of record.In the game, there is only a pique (65 times), um deedee (65), sergi roberto (55) and busquets (54) complete passing the number of bits for four high and straw.

Barcelona controversial people break the dusty world war I record! Ten years pillar emerge?

, fundamental games passes schematic straw

compared to bravo,, the eradication of the straw outside has the advantages on age, he is at the feet of an excellent technology and precision passing is also he is very obvious advantage, and this is the Barcelona in the choice goalkeeper is the most important thing.Barcelona for the game can crush bilbao high closing down,, root straw.In addition to being able to calm in the face of the closing down of the ball,, root straw can also through accurate long open quick attack of opportunity for the team.As early as in 2014-15 season in the champions league, his root straw has completed a precise ball 97 times, second only to the real Madrid midfielder cross (117) in the second place of all the players.

although the game's root five successful save] straw door does not lose, but in the game of low-level mistakes, or reflect, root on the stability of straw has a certain gap with bravo.In the super cup last season against athletic bilbao's root at the doors of the straw is four opponents scored, even with a foot by SAN jose midfielder clipped to shame.In last season's champions league group stage, root straw has been encountering Florence's midfield clipped scoring.Barcelona to become real in front of the "one", become the "anchored" in front of the Barcelona in the next 10 years, Mr Straw root is still a long way to go.

after the daily dello sport to, root straw tied for second high score, with seven points of the team and said the game's root straw played very confident: "pass to busquets though he appeared a mistake, but he amends, saved the Virginia's shot. But this error is not to bring any of his confidence, in the face of the other closing down his out of the ball is still very calm."

, root straw said in an interview after the match: "against athletic bilbao, want to use short passing to resolve their closing down is very difficult, but we did it, can be recovered from injury to myself at the same time, I also feel very happy."(Marco)

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