How to start running guide (2) : four core equipment how to choose?

how to start running guide (2) : four core equipment how to choose?

how to start running guide

the last "how to start running guide" introduced the first part of "how to train", this time we come into the second part: "the choice of equipment.

select your running gear

started running, you really don't need too much equipment.Everything should start with a pair of running shoes right.

1, the choice of running shoes

ignore shoes sales highlighted in the internal rotation or high arches of the problem, don't be affected by the brand name.Instead, try on four or five pairs of running shoes, jogging around the shoe store, let feet to decide by yourself!In a running shoes and injury of scientific review, the researchers found that running shoes is the most important features of comfort (support).This is enough.Choose a pair of shoes that feel the best is OK.

2, select socks

although most runners pay more attention to running shoes, but the fact is that the sock is also very important.Blisters and socks friction is very painful, may also make you can't run a few days.You need a pair of socks, breathable, comfortable, and must not is suffocating.Materials by the perspiration running socks can absorb moisture, make feet away from the sweat, prevent bacterial breeding between toe smelly feet.

there is no thick seam or no juncture of socks, also want to ship the socks or can cover to the ankle (which sometimes and shoe friction).In the store to try on some socks, choose two pairs of you like.When running in tested the effect of the moisture absorption perspiration after buying up is not late again.

3, choose your playlist

running should be like a kind of reward.If you are a like quiet and lonely, the choice of a rural route to run it.But many people like to listen to the cheerful music, podcasts, or audio books while running.Listen to the crosstalk may also be a good choice, can let you forget the pain of the running.

4, select the timing device

every runner needs a timing device to help manage his or her training.Whether you choose a standard watch, or choose a high-tech GPS watch, or your smart phone, it doesn't matter.Focus on just what do you want to choose a timing device for training time, prevent the foolhardy.(to be continued)

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