Butler "reply:" whatever wade, let me to do, I do


before wade said publicly that the bulls are butler team, give the "master" of face, immediately back to milk a wave of butler.

"I said 'listen Pal, you make me what role can be, I don't care what I should play a role, who is this team, we will win the ball,' you have come," butler before WeiDeLai had so said to him, "I want him to is doing this, I want to rondo to is also for this reason that they do, they know what needs to be of the title, I hope they will be able to tell me. If I am not obedient, let the obey me."

for dwyane wade, rondo and their combination, butler also took a new name - a trio "alpha"."I said before I want to win is serious, I didn't mean to play," butler said.

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