Howell fun sailing turf: to build a professional lawn difficult?

howell in individual social platform release: CSL now has a world-class coach, world-class players, the club built piece of professional football fields is so difficult?

howell poking fun at sea grass: to build a professional lawn difficult?

this time, the assistant coach howell Evergrande by standing on the field practice Evergrande poking fun at the sea of grass, we can see from the picture length of the grass not neat, the lack of care.

the company henan home turf has been criticized by coaches and players, 14 years at that time, shenhua coach batista use shock to describe sailing stadium.This season first round game against Shanghai port on the lens can also be seen in the strong wind up xi "soil" float in the sky of the scene, but in April this year, the company or replacing the turf club, thus, turf care but it takes a lot of energy resources.

if you want to improve Chinese football influence in the international football, jinyuan fiscal, by David Beckham's appearance may lead to a good results, but really need to have the first-class hardware facilities, the foreign media began to show the, when foreign friends see "dusty" game, won't be studied seriously.

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