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one: get KD should be attributed to the Treasury Unwilling to accept the other shearing the giant to join

a brother said don't worry about freddy adu

sina sports - Beijing time on July 29, according to a report in the CSN, this summer, the golden state warriors win in the fierce battle for durant.The 2015 NBA finals MVP Andre iguodala that warriors will be able to get Kevin durant, Stephen curry under a lot of credit.

this summer's free agent market??Door was open, the warriors will send large recruiting team to meet and Kevin durant, which contains four players, iguodala is one of them.

however, a brother in an interview modestly said: "I didn't help you. I didn't do anything, I don't even have any role."

then who is in the process of recruiting durant has played a key role?

"those other guys really did a great job. Stephen (Treasury), in particular, he really do myself very well."

6 years ago, curry, durant??Iguodala together to represent the United States men's basketball team won the gold medal of Turkey's world championships.Six years later, durant before decided to join the warriors need from garage - a two-time MVP could see and hear all the right things.

in the garage, the other three involved in recruiting durant warriors players (Craig Thompson, green and iguodala) in the process of meeting with durant honest communication.Duran endemic to many problems, but the warriors to give the answer.

"everyone keep self."Iguodala recalled, "a real yourself is the most important thing."

"the great thing is, Stephen (Treasury) willing to accept another superstar. Clay and Raymond is also think so."

since joining the warriors durant announces to the outside world are concerned about this team of chemical reaction, but iguodala wasn't worried, and he had every reason to believe that.

"you will enjoy many happy, we would like to play with each other."He said, "we will really enjoy this team, this is the most important thing, it is more important than basketball itself. We often just is seen as a basketball player, but we all have to help each other off the field, it will give all of us will never forget the impression. This is my most looking forward to."


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