The Spanish happinesses!Granada and lifan reach strategic cooperation Two young officer xuan lifan


la liga happinesses! Granada and lifan reach strategic cooperation Two young officer xuan lifan join

Beijing time on July 27, chongqing lifan granada with the Spanish team held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.The signing ceremony, the controlling shareholder of granada Jiang Lizhang, says Adams served as chief technology officer at lifan is to offer gifts, subsequently, granada has officially announced lifan striker Feng Jin and goalkeeper Wang Zixiang will join the team.

lifan boss Mr Yin said on signing, with the cooperation of granada, will bring unprecedented opportunities to lifan.

granada boss Jiang Lizhang in his speech Mr Yin besides expressed in 17 years to stick with the respect of football, at the same time also believe that will deliver more Chinese players moving abroad, "we dare not say this time cooperation is took Mr Yin in the hands of a gun, Mr. Adams, is our offer for chongqing football first gift, he will act as chongqing lifan football club's technical director. We would prefer to send Chinese soccer players abroad, at the same time we also won't forget the training academy, savings football talent for the country."

Mr Yin said later, lifan looking for partners, is to let the baton to young people, "lifan fc can't by a 79 - year - old man at the helm, football is a movement of passion, I finally found the Jiang Lizhang, so will have to be. By the young people, has been 17 years investment in football, is the love of football. I am a native of chongqing, this is why infatuation does not change investment in chongqing football."

after the signing ceremony, the President of the club of granada and sporting director announced that lifan players Feng Jin and Wang Zixiang will join in the new season of granada. this is after zhang in the building, Chinese player again in la liga.

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