Guo less performance led the media attention: he is China's ability to control the strongest defende

housekeeper VS green

durant jumper three

Anthony layup

George press ZhaiXiaoChuan

ZhaiXiaoChuan block George

quick Thompson

Barnes dunk

butler breakthrough

Cousins ball test

demar derozan by double

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the Chinese team pre-match warm-up

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durant pre-match warm-up

George pre-match warm-up

on July 27, netease sports:

Beijing time on July 27, China and the United States men's basketball tournament game 2 in today, in pg play very grab an eye, has won praise for American journalists.

pg VS lori

in meetings for the first time, the Chinese men's basketball team lost to rivals 49 points, two teams today at oracle arena for a second time.Chinese team core yi missed the game because of personal affairs, the Chinese men's basketball team will face more pressure on the game.

in the first quarter to the Chinese men's basketball team showed a good momentum, the United States initially failed to put the widening gap between the score.Pg first quarter after an impressive, successive a few times all break through the defense of the United States team, individual also won the free-throw opportunities, through free throws to obtain the score.

the famous American basketball reporter nate Duncan also praised guo less on individual social media, he wrote: "China's defender, pg vision and the ball is undoubtedly the most excellent."

in the first game, pg only get three points.Today's game pg significantly strengthened the personal attack, the effect is good, a few are breakthrough the defense of the United States team, shows very strong personal capacity.

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