Evergrande change don't change?Porto to use monster back in last season's 13 goals in 28 J horse

Evergrande change don't change? Porto to use demon back J horse last season's 13 goals in 28

last week, Portugal the news media, Porto in 30 million euros for guangzhou Evergrande striker - martinez Jackson.However, according to a Portuguese TVI24 hour television, Porto is likely to come up with so much cash.However, Porto came up with a compromise: players exchange.

the media said, in the Porto martinez, was deliberate.However, due to martinez price is too high, Porto to lower price.As a result, they hope to bring forward the Cameroon international abubakar added to the transaction, at the same time to pay a constant sum of not more than 10 million euros in cash.Despite the lack of cash Evergrande when introducing martinez quarter, but can get abubakar, for Evergrande is a compensation.

abubakar, 24, is the main Cameroon striker, last season, he scored 13 goals in 28 appearances on behalf of Porto, do a good job.But because Porto are eager to introduce martinez to recreate the dominance of in Portuguese, so abubakar is likely to be sacrificed.There have been rumours that a certain offered 20 million euros for the Chinese super league club abubakar, according to this calculation, plus abubakar, total cost is the same as the Porto on martinez has around 30 million euros.

apparently, abubakar level than martinez sent many, but the potential is better, I do not know whether Evergrande willing to accept the Porto this advice.Portuguese media have pointed out, martinez already tired in Evergrande situation, he want to go back to Europe.If at the time of sale martinez for abubakar, seems to be the best scheme for Evergrande.

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