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1. The modern new elantra GT will be listed in summer[100%]

Original] [XCAR overseas new car in the opening of the Chicago auto show, the modern new elantra GT officially released. New car is based on the new elantra sedan cars, with a 2.0 L engine power. It is reported that new car or will this summer. Look at th


2. New yue move above 18 acceptable to logoff/led[88%]

New elantra will officially offline factory in Beijing on the 18th. New car positioning on acceptable, led dynamic contrast, is expected to be listed in March. New elantra dimensions respectively 4510/1765/1470 mm, wheelbase 2650 mm size than cash elantra


3. Beijing 2017 car, modern planning ruina/ix35 generation led[60%]

Beijing hyundai official recently announced 2017 new car project. This year there will be new elantra, new ruina and ix35 three new generation models listed, will also have the sonata nine and figure in the middle of change, and accept the RV and yue elec