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1. what\'s wrong with argentina, who have already qualified almost hopeless[100%]

South America World Cup qualifier at the end of the early this morning, Uruguay 2-1 victory over Paraguay, rise to the second South America area. Argentina is still the fifth, the last two rounds of face away they will home game against Peru and Ecuador.


2. "Chinese women yao" was born, only 18 years old and 2 meters, and beautiful inside![98%]

We know that even if yao daughters height seven already broke the 1 m 5, she is now the United States citizenship;At the age of 12, the son of wang zhizhi has more than 1 meter 84, but he is American citizen, and wang zhizhi children don't want to play pr


3. Japan and South Korea have reported less popular The team\'s don\'t be discouraged We have a chance to beat the top teams[69%]

In 12 strong two rounds of the competition, there are already two unpopular. Japan 2-1 defeat at home the united Arab emirates, South Korea's 0-0 draw against Syria. Japan and South Korea in the first two rounds of the game didn't get a ideal score. In fa