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1. in order to give birth to a boy boy to his wife three times pregnant b-ultrasound doctor scared to take cold sweat[100%]

a few days ago to see the report said that some people had seven daughters,took to buy a son, the final prostitution.see this news, really not thetaste.although the boys and girls are the same, but there are still manypeople patriarchal thinking is very s


2. year-old daughter stomach constantly getting bigger after the test results came out more than tears[60%]

pregnant mothers all know that during pregnancy to do regular b-ultrasound, sothat we know the child's development in the stomach, but some mothers forvarious reasons, have never been to give you an example.a four-year-old girl, with age, st


3. b super-room would like to ask the fetus sex doctor these words is really interesting you encountered?[59%]

a few days ago just gave birth to the second child, do the b-ultrasound inpregnancy, the doctor asked what is the first child? neighbors say sons.thedoctor came to the sentence:the tire looks beautiful!neighborhood seconds to understand, this is not just