lack of congenital malformations acquired xiao will not save the dragon!the father of the android eventually lost!

when it comes to andy rubin, probably a lot of people don't know, but when it comes to android, is a household name, and andy rubin is the founder of the android system, known as the"father"of android, belongs to the typical fire people don't fire on behalf of the product.

andy rubin joined google in 2005, helped android to become the world's most popular mobile operating system, but andy looks like in google is not happy, andy rubin, 2014 foreign said"android's success and strong management team, now let me have the confidence to leave the android, surrender leadership.i have the heart of the business, now is the time in google opened a new chapter,"then left google andy rubin, opened up the road of entrepreneurship.

in 2017, andy rubin, officially launched the first full screen phone essentia phone, although the phone on both hardware and software are brought a very good experience, but in view of the whole mobile phone industry to be suspended, essentia phone congenital deformity, environment and market strategy of error($700, twice jump) also creates essentia phone the day after tomorrow is insufficient, essentia phone not be valued by the media.

although hammer technology ceo mr luo essentia phone, but according to market research company idc, a research director francisco jeronimo, according to the essential phone2017 shipments of less than 90000 years of ministry, specifically only 88000(less than 90000), in the even shipments in one million but also third-rate brand mobile phone era, essential phone is definitely in the history of the failure of its flagship smartphone, even essential phone with android's top 2017 xiao dragon 835 chip processor.

andy rubin was billed as the essential phone will bring a subversion for the smartphone industry, but the reality is mercilessly rejected andy rubin, although essential phone apparently became the flagship android failure, but we on andy rubin put buddha can see hammer mobile ceo mr luo early, so we believe that in the near future, andy rubin, will bring us a stunning essential phone.

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