liu do it beautiful ma is also designed


when a, the old saying is very reasonable.liu recently because of sharp speech in davos bbs, some steak.said he sell the stocks to raise cash, jingdong face before he said don't throw things.the net friend a coincidence, it caused liu once again showed a good entrepreneur's personal charm, even mr ma is also will admire.

words recently, beijing normal university, institute of chinese public welfare institute, the international community in beijing jointly issued the"2017 china's donation list of best jie, liu, zhangze day couple donated 505.58 million yuan in 2017, in 2017 china's donation list.10.

this is chinese internet companies donated the most in the home.more than ma.

this matter, believe that criticism he cashed out can be closed before hand.

about liu to cash, according to the jingdong, individual shareholders announcement shows liu did in 2017 when the underweight jingdong stocks.reduced to 16.9% from 17.5% in 2016, about 15.38 million shares, according to the time of the price about 39-45 dollars, involved more than about$600 million, or about 3.8 billion yuan a month.and donated 505.58 million yuan accounts for about 14%.

in fact, in 2017, liu, zhangze day in the history of public welfare undertakings, is very attractive.

in february 2017, liu, to his hometown in jiangsu suqian zhangze day donated more than 100 million yuan, the local education, culture, pension and poverty alleviation projects;in june 2017, liu to his alma mater renmin university of china donated 300 million yuan rmb, set up the jingdong fund, renmin university of addition, liu, zhangze day by a charitable foundation, to the anti-japanese war veterans in yunnan province, sun art education foundation projects such as amount of donation.

in fact, liu is keen on social public welfare undertakings, as early as in 2013, to 10 million, renmin university of china.and again in 2016, donated 15.56 million 2014, liu as the originator of jingdong public foundation was registered in beijing, focus on women and children, let the left-behind women and children to harvest and the opportunity to change the status quo of skills and so on.

overall, in terms of charity, liu it's very beautiful.

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