honour enjoy gb mobile enlarge recruit yuan domestic traffic old customers is not effusive


"number portability"is coming, the most busy should be three carriers, in order to attract consumers, operators also launched a campaign for the consumers.and is one of the biggest mobile currently facing pressure, because at present, unicom, telecom's reputation is good, mobile perform poorly in the past two years, consumers are fun.mobile this time to save the situation, brings the flow of new packages,"begged"old users.

package became popular on the internet, mobile did not grasp the opportunity, even let the unicom, telecom beat.in the face of unicom telecom constantly take their users, mobile offline"8 yuan bao, business".at this point, the mobile word-of-mouth has been sent to the extreme.in the face of great pressure, finally giving to move, shift the strategic direction and packages from the internet.god introduced it to force traffic card.

this mobile package is not simple, just seconds kill most of the data on the market.package rates is 8 yuan per month, after the end of can be changed into free of rent charges.can order five times every month 10 yuan package bag 5 gb of flow.for the most people are very good enough.and these traffic is domestic traffic.use as much as they need to, also won't waste money.compared with those daily rent card is still very affordable.

even if mobile launch such a powerful data used to retrieve the old users, but there are still some of the old user said ungrateful.this set is really cheap, in the whole market is good.but only for mobile reputation, old users will no longer use mobile.mobile also said very grievance.for mobile 's package, what do you think?welcome to the comments section.

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