quick information out: wang xin is what wealth tuyere can on the internet in the second half?

however, the day before fast from wang xin will be.

on january 7, 2016, beijing haidian district people's court of first instance trial fast case, the court,"technical innocence"sparked debate on sympathetic wang xin will be."we all owe fast sowing a membership"become the year's internet gold.

in the 21st century, talent is the most expensive, ge uncle's words still ringing.in recent days, vc circles are also circulating a joke:now do angel investment, from the prison.estimated in prison locked ts, wang xin will be from angel b turn round, should be robbed away by other institutions.as early as in last december,"boy genius", once the ren"successor"li yinan is over two and a half years of serving, return travel.

"from peak to trough, and then get back to peak, i met a shi yuzhu, hope is wang xin will be the next one."if you want to get back to peak is difficult, but it does not affect the netizens' hopes.river lake is not the appearance, but also on the internet wang xin is the second half tuyere?

incoming video field?

video is the roots of wang xin will be.

in 2007, in shenzhen, a only more than 10 square meters of houses, again the entrepreneurial grinding out his ideal wang xin is the"universal video player"-fast, his team is less than 5 people at this time.with qvod streaming media on demand system based on p2p, without advertising, buffer acceleration, universal format, fast search algorithm is open and pioneering video clips of subversion in the video industry, quickly won the hundreds of millions of fans.

at present, the content of entrepreneurship has been down to the field of video, short video platform, potatoes have transformation in more love in the incubation of video production team, today's headlines took out huge subsidies to support the creation of the short video, in order to plunder bonus, the recent video broadcast, short video app and start a live broadcast of the answer.

however, the lively behind is content is uneven, the user experience of falling.the video website, has commercial appeal filled with no longer only ads also allow the user to be its longest, even vip member, you have to manually close the ad, or stand in the tv ads.after the video web site had been divided bat, the business model, everybody is looking for a new change appears.

the internet in the second half, the best product managers in china will bring about wang xin is the wall of a technological dimension reduction blow?

open ai entrepreneurship?

in jail that night, wang xin is good brothers did a welcome banquet for him.together at the dinner table, in addition to playing video era ceo li3 xue2 ling2, 58 city ceo yao jinbo do local services, and one is the chairman xiao-peng he xiao peng car.

xiao peng car by uc gifted as co-founder, former alibaba group president xiao-peng he mobile career, li3 xue2 ling2 yy's founder, cheetah mobile ceo fu cheng, tencent executives wu xiaoguang several large internet cafes such as joint investment in 2014.just was born, to bring their own internet genes, and has a strong financing ability.maybe xiao peng cars are to bring wang xin is a new direction.

according to the prison have been reading the latest internet wang xin is magazines, business books, biographies, he cares about the tuyere of artificial intelligence.this past year, ai caused by technological revolution has become the consensus of the internet industry, deep learning algorithms such as voice, image perception intelligence, significant progress brush face pay, voice search has been widely used.university of science and technology, thomson, a large number of cambrian ai china unicorn company is on the rise, become a reverse the rising star bat.

three and a half years in jail, make perfect miss wang xin is o2o, shared cycling, such as video broadcast tuyere.all-round commercialization of the internet in the second half in ai, the opportunity is at hand:the industry's biggest opportunity is to ai ai technology combined with various industries, to provide technical solutions or products.boundary and understand technology, and industry spot, wang xin will be perhaps really can find a solution, and its transition.

in block chain technology?

now, is likely to wang xin is no longer into a simple video player or industry, and turned to hug block chain technology.

a disclosure, is the earliest attention block chain technology of wang xin is a group of people, as early as 2013, fast information flow ore project has been in the company project, it is said that this is the world's first share the cdn platform, based on the block chain it gathers broadband and idle cpu, through cloud computing method for the optimization of real-time deployment, to help solve the industry predicament of inadequate bandwidth video station.

this project is the most attractive place, the user can through the terminal idle cpu resources and bandwidth resources to handle the server distribution of cloud computing tasks, to complete the task after llt tokens, can obtain the valuable assets.at the end of last year, the media has just popped the message will be out of prison, wang xin will be the price of llt has surged nearly 30% in one day.nowadays, the virtual currency become domestic regulatory focus, how to enter the block and liquidate chain industry, will be out of jail wang xin will be"up"after another lesson.

the future most"money"top ten industries, including:"the internet services, education and training industry, agriculture, tourism, industry, culture and entertainment industry, biological medicine industry, health management industry, older supplies and service industries, such as intelligent household industry, information security analysis".these industries are to contain the huge gold mine.

"my ups and downs of life, like a roller coaster."this is a quotation by li yinan, also confirm the li yinan, the wang xin will be encounter in life.

artificial intelligence, block chain technology for the future is full of all sorts of uncertainty, new middle, large consumer upgrades, health industry, and herald a new round of some opportunities.the internet in the second half, opened up an era of infinite possibility, for the 38-year-old, wang xin will be the second half of life is just beginning!

the author li guangdou:chinese brand first, cctv brand consultant, famous brand strategy expert and founder of the school brand competitiveness, china electronic commerce association, the internet banking committee chief adviser, huasheng business development research li guangdou founder of brand marketing agency.

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