drops chengwei when low how to beat his opponent?



3 million layout,

with 4000 yuan,

how to win this?

after hu run 80 rich list in 2017, 34, chengwei to china fortune top 15.5 billion fortune to become it's list of"80 after".recalling entrepreneurial journey, cheng weilai 1 chicken soup:"when the effort to do, god will open a window for you."<img src="http://p9.pstatp.com/large/616900056a4d72e108ad"/>

one, under the condition of market is not mature, entrepreneurship can success

chengwei is a child of ordinary families in jiangxi, after graduating from college, in many times, but he still didn't find the direction.but in society struggle for many years, he vaguely smell the future trend of the internet.

in 2003, he headed to alibaba headquarters in hangzhou, a cover became the ali's salesman at the grass-roots level.chengwei here began a transformation.

schools of thought contend is that s s, from the grassroots salesman-vice general manager, sales manager-pay treasure b2c, promotion on the road all the way, chengwei no secrets, only one word:dry.<br><img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/61680005971eb82c7081"></img></br>young time tasted the bitter will become a big wealth in life, because hard realism, chengwei from sales duty on duty management, his view from the front sales to global processing, it also laid a solid foundation for his business in the future.

in 2012, he chose to entrepreneurship, left the ali.

in everyone cannot leave and live line, and to live are giant, only a line is blank, he plans to do a taxi app.

chengwei friends don't believe in him at the time, because the smartphone is not universal, a taxi software market is not mature, friends advised him not to do this, wait until the smartphone popularity will do later.but chengwei's idea on the contrary, he thought at that time the market conditions are ripe, then want to do is take a taxi software has no advantage.<br><img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/616d000339e911759ed2"></img></br>business will hear a lot of questions, this is more entrepreneurs to cross the first level of the past.

2, fell hurt, just know to fill short

drops after the establishment, in urgent need to solve two problems.one is the software development, one is offline driver.

chengwei do offline business, contacts are offline, he could not find a technology partner.he put the outsourcing of software development, outsourcing of software quality is very rubbish, however, two calls, driver response, there may be holes more like a sieve.

lifeblood in others hands not well, outsourcing is clearly not a long-term solution, drops requires its own technical team.in order to find the right technology partners, chengwei use all of the contacts.

look for alipay, a former colleague, let he compiled a list of beijing technical personnel, to talk about, the results no one listen to him;around to ask friends and relatives know computer graduate students, the results found nothing;tencent, baidu and other big companies of the change of technical staff, ask them out for coffee, but failed.

by a chance, cheng weijia a wechat group, inside a headhunter, just as he nationhood, the headhunter brought him the technology partner--now cto mina.<br><img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/616d00033a719dbefd3a"></img></br>drops the cto aoj

chengwei comprehension, said a romance of the three kingdoms, nature is constantly attracted to join.

a technology partner, after the product came out.but the product is not enough, also need to compete for the user, the flow of cruel war.

3, when lack of ammunition, how to beat his opponent?

drops encountered the first opponent is shaking.the other is a local tyrants, in television advertising, flower 3 million packs of the capital airport, user access to driver.

in the face of such pockets plenty of rivals, chengwei heart is desperate.but the battle can't play.

they handed over 4000 yuan, went to the beijing west railway station, beijing west railway station is no parking lot, only the flow passage lanes, drops team in a few seconds to convince the driver install an app, it is almost impossible.

chengwei way is to ask the driver to have smartphones, directly ask him have nokia machine(function), if not, quickly to help him to install, and then tell him about this software can earn much money every month.<br><img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/616c0003447b66499016"></img></br>drops travel poster

is more unique, the toilet on the edge of the driveway, chengwei are arranged, the driver toilet break, put out their app promotion.because time is tight, all details should be set in advance, i can't imagine my mood, is the driver of the toilet is fire emit three zhangs, or adopting.

millet plus rifles defeated american aircraft artillery.uber drops acquired(china).chengwei always believe:things ever made, look have.

japan famous psychologists long kimura said:the so-called genius, refers to people with perseverance, diligence, ecstasy and selflessness.

4, how to form a dream team?

chengwei argues that ceo's task is to form a dream team.

from goldman sachs to willow blue, in the eyes of chengwei, is second only to he drops a sense of achievement.<br><img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/616a0004f646b12ab527"></img></br>drops travel, co-founder of willow blue

willow blue is the daughter of business godfather liu chuanzhi, graduated from harvard university, the united states, at goldman sachs for 12 years, goldman sachs asia managing director, each year with a$4 million salary, then chengwei team all salary is 5000 yuan.

chengwei himself said, willow blue personality or ability, is good make people nervous.

willow blue very bullish on chengwei, she thinks chengwei in contemporary enterprises home, on the vision, ability, mind is excellent, but from advocating elite culture of investment banks to grounding gas startups, marks, she worried about can't eliminate investment banks can be integrated into the team.<br><img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/61670005b0bfe8955771"></img></br>this is chengwei's wisdom to eliminate worry.chengwei about willow blue, take a few executives, with a visit to lhasa, in extreme low oxygen environment, they help each other, what do not compose, arrived in the end, they cried.in lhasa, willow blue left goldman, determined to join.management team to travel regularly, also became the drops in the traditional program in the future, we talk about life, talk about success or failure, tease each other mutual kan, greatly enhance the trust between team members and alignment.

add drops, willow blue does show her remarkable ability, half a year will help drops completed a$700 million financing, is one of the largest single financing when private company.

chengwei grass-roots origin, he is sensitive to the market, the execution of a line, an in-depth willow blue background, personal connections resources, international vision, working experience in investment banking, these are chengwei lack.two people cooperate, perfect.

chengwei dream team not only has a willow blue, and many of the artist.such as"mina"mentioned above from baidu.drops internal circulating a motivational story"seven days and seven nights", said the surge is because the user, the server paralysis, mina, led by the maintenance of a technical team sleepless for seven days and seven nights.<br><img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/61670005b0ee28044183"/></br>chengwei, willow blue, jaco photo

such as the six consecutive entrepreneurial success of"abnormal outstanding students"chen ting, after joining drops, the car business also flawed;li jinfei, independence, when the vehicle intelligent hardware projects do$100 million valuation, switch to drops, as the drops bus business.

nietzsche said,"people are great, because he is a bridge, rather than a purpose".

chengwei, not only connects china's hundreds of millions of passengers, and connects the many expert and talent, as for the vip!

when ammunition, beat his opponent, you all right?<img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/4aed0001096359476368"></img>

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