and he disappeared wang xin is three and a half years

on february 7, 2018, beijing time capsules under the much-anticipated sending a tesla into space, shanda games into tencent as strategic investors, miniaturization:all the shareholders face enjoyed miniaturization:11 drop stop, founder and fast sowing from wang xin will be"had just finished washing bath, the haircut".

time just go back to 2014, no one expected the that year to raise controversial, musk, founder of the cbs interview several degrees sob;shanda games privatised from u.s.stocks retreat city, was a powerful rival tencent;le networks founder jia yueting announced plans to"see", to create the super cars and electric car internet ecosystem;in jeju island is wang xin will be back to beijing, began his three and a half years of prison.

2012, shenzhen's information technology ceo

wang xin is

the prison, and xiao peng car xiao-peng he founder, wang xin is 58 city founder yao jinbo li3 xue2 ling2, chairman of the meal together, unite era, four people chatted ai, such as video and chain blocks the development of the technology.xiao-peng he on weibo released four people to pose for photographs, but quickly remove it.

this meeting can be viewed as the wang xin is great internet cafes of welcome, appreciate each of technology talents, wang xin will be fast information technology makes people clapping in c, but his contempt for capital, the technology of overly paranoid, not sensitive to the industry trends and policy changes, the network security responsibility to the negligence of multiple factors, such as led to itself and the fall of fast sowing.

leave wang xin is the three and a half years, great changes have taken place in the internet, someone left with brilliant, others with record to industry belong to the age of tool software already ended, and wang xin is whether can also to have a foothold, everybody is to wait and see.

technology male

for wang xin will be the first batch of"after 80", he was born in 1980 in chenzhou, hunan province, graduated from nanjing university of posts and xinna in 1999 in shenzhen, in shenzhen dragon vein information co., a programmer.

dragon vein company is the shenzhen major telecom and internet value-added service providers, a municipal government designated engineering and enterprise information service provider.the company another celebrity employees had li qing, resigned from the dragon vein company established the tencent and ma.

after the resignation wang xin will be starting my own business, how much is the influence of li 2002, 22, left dragon vein company, wang xin will be set up in shenzhen city golden point software co., ltd.on recruitment website, introduced himself about stone software is"in p2p(peer-to-peer) technology as the core, for telecom operators, traditional industry and electronic business enterprise development of software based on p2p technology products". xin will be ever so describe entrepreneurship, wang xin will be"the first only a few technical youth, the salary of a few hundred yuan per person, want to do product, it is from the beginning of the research and development, want to do the p2p, have no money to rent the office, the office is also the most distress when the state of the economy at that time, he and i both hands don't have money, there was a time when a jar in the home take out the money buy vegetables, cooking at home to eat."

the most developed, some stone software are more than 80 employees, but the company was set up just three years later.some stone software is not chance, but rejected two investment, wang xin will be once a well-known venture capital institutions, is a big game.a feeling quite, stone software collapse in 2004, shanda is listed in 2005.of wang xin is explanation is"make technology, not mature time, all the virtue".

familiar person talks to wang xin will be paranoid of technology, wang xin is also is such, popular shanda games founder chen wang xin will be appreciated.some stone software failed, joined shanda dominant wang xin is box research and development.chen tianqiao in 2003 put forward the strategy of"family entertainment"namely, box is considered entrance.

the trial

wang xin is

even today, the strategy of"family entertainment"is still mohican hardware and software company, has been called the cockpit of the sitting room.millet boxes, music boxes, ali magic box, such as huawei honor successively introduced 2012 years later.

but to look at environmental, chen tianqiao idea to be too futuristic, with words of wang xin will be"one year at the wrong time to do the right thing".on april 11, 2006, the state administration of radio dispatch named big box violations--not licensed to carry the internet content on television.

in fact until today no one internet box should open hand, each box is plagued by problems such as copyright and license.once the set-top box leading with chau electronics, also losing in internet box to be completed.

and technology

2006 from shanda wang xin will be left, in 2007 founded the fast information.when the internet already exist other video player software, tudou was established in april 2005;le networks was founded in november 2004;the storm video was founded in 2003.

but the original edge below replayed quickly format qmv(have to apply for a patent, the only independent on-demand streaming media format), qmv biggest characteristic is to support"on demand", small volume, fast transmission speed, can reduce the downward latency, save downward broadband, make online on demand more fluent.the format to fill the gaps in domestic technology, and real, quick time tied the outflow of countries such as the media technology.

the wang xin is p2p technology continues to play.p2p technology used the idle broadband users, rather than rely on assembled at less a few this function, the user play video won't appear caton case due to slow network.

fast compatibility is also outstanding.allows users to quickly search to almost all video, also can directly use fast replayed quickly broadcast seed files of bt and thunderbolt download while seeding function leading thunderbolt.

public data show that as of september 2012, almost total installed capacity has exceeded 300 million, the total number of chinese internet users only 538 million.peak, fast information user scale between 400 million and 500 million, equivalent to the sum of the domestic counterparts.

but not fast broadcast platform, never any content that users owe is the copyright owners, in addition to the user, benefit the most from sowing is the webmaster.background is that when a chinese film with a large number of individual business website, the website video resources without copyright, and in the majority with porn fast on the use of the important subject.for webmasters, the only input is the cost of bandwidth and server, will be free of video resources into the website, there is a steady stream of users through the quick information on demand video, web site advertising revenue and even provide a set of tool, help adsense based video web site resources, by the user fast to video on demand sites, web site advertising revenue.

under the background of regulatory uncertainty, few people ask copyright and porn video.that is the age of the savage growth video player software, fast with good technology down the competitors, users free to watch the video resources, webmaster get large amounts of advertising revenue, the only victims were copyright owners.

domestic copyright consciousness gradually strengthened, le, potatoes and other websites started to buy the copyright, is both player and information doesn't do platforms, from beginning to end for players to position themselves, a large number of pirated resources through the information to spread quickly,"buy the copyright of the platform became victims of piracy.information is more and more criticism, the other video site launch broadsides at a start.

on november 13, 2013, youku, sohu video, tencent video and music miniaturization:a joint"china network video anti-piracy joint action", directed at fast information such as network video piracy and hotlinking behavior, and puts forward the compensation of 300 million yuan.

on february 7, 2018, after prison and xiao peng car xiao-peng he chairman, wang xin is 58 city ceo yao jinbo president li3 xue2 ling2, unite era.

in the same year on december 30, the national copyright administration, such as the four ministries jointly launched to crack down on internet piracy special projects"sword net"action, baidu and quick play named at the same time;intensify efforts to crack down on piracy, baidu said in a statement stopped and fast sowing relatively similar baidu video service;and almost no public response, it was not until april 16, 2014 published an open letter, announced the closure of qvod server, video on demand and stop based on p2p download, and plans to transition, in the coming year investment of not less than 100 million yuan to buy the copyright, not less than 30 million investment to support domestic micro drama innovation.

but it is too late.on april 22, 2014, a large number of police into the fast headquarters, fast core personnel being controlled, wang xinze was caught from south korea after 110 the afternoon of may 20, the shenzhen market supervision and administration of fast broadcast of the quasi administrative penalty hearing notice, for quick fined 260 million yuan, the reason is that preliminary determine its violation of related aspects of intellectual property laws and regulations.

under the intellectual property rights make wang xinling huge fines;through the fast information transmission of erotic video make lose wang xin will be free.prosecutors accused of trial, fast broadcast in the purpose of making a profit, fails to perform the duty of safety management of allowing others to use fast information network dissemination of pornographic video of alleged constitute spread pornographic materials crime of making a profit.

according to the management, such as wang xin will be fast information does not have in the traditional sense of the upload, search and release function, its role is only for video coding, serial number, so fast don't propagation properties.

but after six months of the second instance, the court ruled that fast company spread pornographic materials crime of making a profit, including fast information executives, wang xin will be corresponding criminal responsibility.pleaded guilty to bring punishment, wang xin will be six months in prison was sentenced to three years, it was not until february 7, 2018, free;quickly brought huge fines, on the river's lake depression gradually.

the"technical innocence"has been posted on the court debate in the wang xin is the label.but as a company helm, ignored the technology factors other than power, wang xin is such as capital, content of compliance, network security, etc., it gives the risk of later buried the hidden trouble.

there was fast staff told reporters, several times refused to institutional investors, wang xin is that capital is short-sighted, and if the fast information capital, the management can guide quickly to avoid the rocks.

turn to?

the p2p technology runs through entrepreneurship, wang xin will be fast sowing was launched in 2013,"flow"ore-idle bandwidth to collect user's application;2015, thunderbolt introduced function similar to treasure, to make money to make money in 2017 treasure upgrade, users can share the idle bandwidth"crystal reward".under the background of big block chain heat, thunderbolt and flagging shares climbed to a record high.

at the end of july 2017, traffic ore project.a block on the chain bbs in shanghai, the project team to introduce traffic ore as"the world's first sharing cdn projects combined with block chain of be born", but this project really eye-catching or overhead fast aura.

flow ore from"xinhua hoist technology co., ltd.".the company after three months in jail wang xin is on november 4, 2014, registration and establishment, founded by fast employees before planting, the main management cdn.

"fast sudden closure, we didn't well prepared to face it.our consistent goal, however, that we had chosen to start a business."in full at the beginning of 2017 annual conference, xinhua ceo tongyongyue said.

in january 2017, appeared on the internet fast sowing formal return series, according to xinhua in full and fast sowing in the app store issued a"quick player 5.0".but xinhua hoist quickly denied that has never been released in any app store products.

business, according to xinhua in full and quick information are inextricably linked.on june 6, 2014, fast exit to boring network technology co., ltd.shenzhen cloud holdings;in full on july 24, 2015, xinhua taking a stake in the company.

fast with well-known video player software, but this is just a quick one of business, fast broadcast at the same time have a"play"game business, hardware product"big screen".quick play with fast installation silent installation, mainly provides the local search and download service game, game is available to the client.quick play business carrying body of shanghai quick play technology co., ltd., shenzhen play fast technology co., ltd., the two companies was a fast subsidiary, but at the moment are logged out.

on september 30, 2015, a company named hunan play fast network technology co., ltd.was founded and registered fast sowing once in shenzhen cloud boring network technology co., ltd., was the company's shareholders, the company's shareholders now for hunan cloud technology co., ltd., shenzhen natural appeal holding co., ltd., hunan cloud technology co., the same time full of xinhua's shareholders.

out of prison will turn to wang xin will be?

he of the three years in prison, the internet has changed too much, and fast sowing business similar to the thunderbolt, the storm left behind:thunderbolt tuyere with block chain price on high, but also with block chain class-action lawsuits facing investors, while the storm to the tv business transformation and bet on ai tv.once report fast broadcast networks, now for jia yueting building cars dream descend into the jianghu is tencent, iqiyi and youku, potatoes win the three companies to content rather than technical.respectively stand behind the deep pockets of tencent, baidu and ali, perhaps only the three companies can afford expensive copyright, cultivate the users pay habits.the internet really formed the oligarchs, every hot hot industry be clan destiny.

after prison with wang xin is xiao-peng he and others chatted ai, such as video and chain blocks the development of the technology.journalists who had contact with a person close to the wang xin will be, the other says"also wang xin will be need to have a rest.

wang xingui also not sure, on the river's lake and his legend, but can find their own position, it remains to be seen.

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