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1, the china earthquake networks:above magnitude 5 earthquake in the capital circle is unlikely to

31 points on feb.12, 18, in langfang city in hebei province yongqing(39.37 degrees north latitude, 116.67 degrees east longitude) an earthquake of magnitude 4.3.a depth of 20 km.this according to the beijing municipal seismological bureau, beijing's all administrative region have shook, but the short duration of shaking and only 2 seconds.earthquakes beijing-tianjin-hebei are away.hebei provincial seismological bureau has launched three earthquake emergency response.

the china earthquake networks center, after analysis, the earthquake may be isolated, the original bigger earthquake in earthquake zone is addition, the above magnitude 5 earthquake in the capital circle is unlikely.

2, the best love in the spread by children"cult"video was investigated

on february 12th, the reporter learns from the national"against pornography and illegal publications"office, recently, guangdong, beijing"against pornography and illegal publications"departments of in-depth investigation involved children"cult"video case.

in strictly in accordance with the investigation of guangzhou three-dimensional) of your company at the same time, the business cooperation with the company and provide the communication platform youku, love in the company, provide communication platform for the company tencent company investigation;children of baidu's"good"video transmission cult video content to initiate an investigation.

according to xinhua news agency, the central propaganda department, the central net letter office, the ministry of culture, the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television, the national working group office recently-"against pornography and illegal publications"deployment, late in early february to april further violence against live online platform to spread the vulgar pornography and other illegal and harmful information and children"cult"animation video game during the action.

tencent in response to"children's cult"video investigation:has been hit in the special

tencent video in"about combating child negative growth further video bulletin said, according to recent appeared in internet video platform of large-scale malicious use classic cartoon production involves the bloody violence, pornography, horror, not conducive to the healthy growth of children's physical and mental bad video, tencent video has been in a special attack.

from started to set up a special group in the middle of january, 24 hours non-stop to remove from the shelves, titles the harmful information.and announced on january 20, the special combat stage results, and effectively curb the spread of the bad video on the far, 1325, tencent video permanent closure account suspected all platform video more than 250000.

iqiyi response were investigated:actively cooperate with the permanent closure problem accounts

12 evening, iqiyi said in a statement from the official weibo, will actively cooperate to purify the internet environment, adverse to crack down on child development video content.

iqiyi said that so far, a total of offline suspected video more than 40000 article, permanent closure"disney","the tide of wide"account, and comprehensively strengthen audit mechanism of the firewall.

3, how much the train ticketing system in china:1 seconds can tickets 700

, according to cctv financial reports at present, the sales volume has more than 3.5 billion copies in 12306 ticket, become the world's largest real-time ticketing system.peak ticket quantity of 700 pieces per second.

peak day web page views over 150 billion times, is all over the chinese each ticketing page visited more than 100 times a day.ticketing system, perfect the 40 years of construction, self-comforting passengers for forty time, change is the same home.

4, down 11 days after a"resurrection"!web app can normal visit

video barrage site acfun today has returned to visit in the afternoon, the official website and app can be normal use, since february 2, 11 days after downtime, a standing"resurrection"once again.

acfun released official weibo microblogging, according to"friends, at present the website and app can normal to access and use", and wrote"i, ac niang, pay them!".

as the first domestic barrage video website, a standing development is not smooth all the way, before the can't access, has had many times of similar last time, is in november 25 to 27, 2017,"down".

5,"topics in focus"live mess:god bless described in rap drugs feel

the cctv-focus interview aired last night titled"the mess down on network"a new program, program mentioned in network anchor god bless in the midst of live in the form of a rap, detailed description of various drugs.national office in accordance with the relevant provisions on the host network letter god bless, implementation from lubumbashi, cross-platform.

"topics in focus", points out that by the end of 2017, the live webcast users up to 422 million, more than half of the total number of internet users.provide internet live platform services companies reached hundreds of, market sales more than 30 billion yuan.however, in the rapid development of the industry at the same time, also appeared a variety of disturbing, even is a serious problem.

6, quickly response to the minors exceptional problem:apologize to parents

recently, cctv"topics in focus"program reported:down on network, which mentioned about exceptional network quickly.

12 evening, for today, the focus of the interview reports quickly platform has the problem of minors exceptional poor regulation, release situation shows that quickly, thanks to the media attention and supervision, and parents expressed regret for the parties.

well quickly, said the situation has been reported to the emergency back to check.xuchang case, on june 30, 2017, in for a full refund;foshan case, related party platform on the second day, still waiting for the parties to provide further information in the process of the audit process.

7, wechat:multiple platforms red envelope coupon was fined because of violate the rules, involving the jingdong etc.

"wechat pie"wechat male, february 12 news, according to the"wechat public platform operating norms"and"wechat external links content management norms"regulation, wechat explicitly banned induction, etc.including but not limited to tencent sports, a lot of spelling, today's headlines, jingdong, hungry, and other network platform through hair red envelopes, member, coupons, induced forward users to share, the serious influence circle of friends, chatting, and other functions of the user experience.

at present, micro letter on online activities in limiting the spread of the circle of friends.some activities after being processed, continues to violate compasses, or transform domain to escape a limit circle of friends wechat is more rigorous treatment.

8, ali big entertainment content for many years with disney release signed authorization

12, ali, ali baba culture entertainment group(hereinafter referred to as ali large recreational) announced with disney's beauvais international multi-year authorization cooperation content, disney animation series of more than one thousand sets in youku and part of the cooperation with ali ott platform.

the content contains authorized cooperation"donald duck club","winnie the pooh and tigger"and other classic animated series.authorized cooperation in addition, the content includes the rewriting of the disney movies, disney's pirates of the caribbean series, classic cartoon movie beauty and the beast,"hua mulan","ice"and so on also authorized scope of cooperation in the content.

9, prize answer+small program on zhihu the answer to the spring festival"red envelope"

on february 12, the knowledge sharing platform zhihu announced on-line double problem solving activities-zhihu app end"knowledge"the king of the answer recruit games, micro letter"king zhihu answer"small program end game.among them, the"knowledge"the king of the game for eight days, the user login on zhihu search"king of knowledge"to participate in the app, answering question correctly to win the highest 888 yuan red envelopes,"king zhihu answer"small program main double pk model, using the new super question bank, let the knowledge heroes challenge anytime and anywhere.

express speed know

yong hui supermarket:controls the agreement shall not be transferred a 5% stake in nyingchi tencent complete transfer

maximum guest works won a$110 million strategic investment valuation breakthrough 9 billion yuan

vipshop about$3.7 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter net profit fell 12%

samsung chairman accounts of increased to nearly 1500 lee kun-hee, or being punished for tax evasion

gao sued several media disinformation harvard commencement nonexistent fake

gao in weibo yesterday that lawyers to represent him to prosecute the several media, because the other rumors he fraud exists in the induction of harvard addition, gao said the lawsuit if successful, the compensation they will be like last year won a media disinformation in his personal life, all donations to public welfare undertakings.

netease koala:sold by estee lauder products test result is consistent with the official sell

on february 12th, netease koala again hair a statement, said the approval of sgs inspection comparison, netease koala purchase sold by sea"estee lauder anr eye essence cream little brown bottle 15 ml"with domestic estee lauder counters and five different countries and regions in the world's official channel sales of nine with the same product is infrared spectrum characteristics, confirm product is safe and reliable.

at the same time, netease koala sea purchase and send a letter to estee lauder global ceo, requirements, estee lauder clarity to netease koala sea purchase and users to make a public apology.

after the estee lauder(shanghai) trading co., ltd to purchase and sold by netease koala sea outside the chinese mainland version"estee lauder anr eye essence cream little brown bottle 15 ml"identified, netease koala said in the letter, the appraisal in a fair and reasonable, did not follow the principle of interest, appraisal process without specification issued by the completely wrong appraisal report, the cause of the general public to netease koalas for question.

"flu under beijing's middle-aged"refresh cause the attention of people of influenza

yesterday, a long document"flu under beijing's middle-aged"maxed circle of friends.the authors recorded the father-in-law home catching influenza in beijing, from the beginning of careless as"cold"to treatment, the lung infection in icu, eventually the whole process of unfortunately died, from the"cold"to heaven forever only after 29 this paper, both the reflection of his own family, there are several opinions about the health care system.

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