why do you say play a car financing lease mode "?


to buy a new car, in addition to the traditional 4 s shops, represented by"playing a car there is a by the internet platform to participate in the new model.is also very prominent feature of this new model cars:

1, the down payment can be done is very low, generally is 10% down payment, some models can even no down payment;

2, convenient operation, such as"play a car and pay treasure to in-depth cooperation, access to credit sesame platform, fastest for a few minutes to complete the loan examination and approval;

3, hesitation period long, 1 years later you can choose the car back to"play a car", of course, also can buy the car, buy ways of one-time pay up, also can continue to hire 36 months.

4, cumulative stage cycle is long, the longest can do 48 months installment, monthly pressure is very small.

from the perspective of the characteristics of the above, the management mode of"play a car"belongs to the typical financing lease, compared with common financing a car 4 s shops,"playing a car"advantage is very obvious.because the car can back also can buy 1 years later, is to give consumers hesitate period of 1 year.and financing a car 4 s shops is no hesitation period, even if there are hesitant period of business contract, 1 years of hesitation period is also very rare.

second compared to the traditional car rental, the advantage of"play a car"is also very obvious.traditional car rental, the lessor is simple is the purpose of the fastest recover the cost of a rental unit price is high, and model choice is narrow, the three cars tend to be bad, especially on the vintage car.but"playing a car", a new model car financing lease, consumers get its hands on are new, first-class, in perfect condition and model choice is very broad, basic covers hot style of the new car on the market.and rental price is also very low, the first year of hesitation period daily rental prices compared with the car rental companies have an advantage.

in addition, compared with the traditional way of the car across the 4 s store,"play a car"can provide almost see the whole new experience, full process open and transparent, price is plain code marks a price, and the car will"play a car"for buyer registration, buy insurance and a series of procedures.not like a lot of 4 s shop is higher price, contract cost, and so on and so forth.

as mentioned earlier, one of the features as"playing a car"is derived from the internet company, its business model has very strong internet thinking.and pay treasure to the depth of cooperation, in particular, for the financing security out through credit sesame, because pay treasure and its huge user base, and almost every alipay users open sesame credit services, so the credit sesame as financing loan examination and approval of the criterion, not only ensure the security of the loan, and ensure the convenience for the loan.feedback to consumers, the car is very convenient, move the fingers on the phone app, can finish your car, buy a car, the car.

so"play a car"since its establishment, the user group is given priority to with young consumers after 90.for consumers after 90, they pursue consumption life convenient and efficient.of course, also tired of 4 s shop to buy a car can lie.

in order to"play a car"cat's flagship store, for example, english lang this car buick in sales of more than 400 vehicles, sales is very considerable.in other words"playing a car"this new mode of financing lease cars are the love of consumers.

whether stage 1 years of hesitation, or installment period of up to 4 years, all make up for the inadequacy of existing 4 s shop car model.outside and the whole process of online operation, there is no contract cost advantages, such as a more consumers, especially the 90 new era after the love of consumers.say so,"playing a car"create a new mode of financing lease cars, promising.

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