number portability ride on it!from unicom telecom sandwiched between mobile even really want to cry!

in fact, at the end of 2016, the ministry has been pilot city statistical data, according to the number portability in guangxi, chongqing, gansu, ningxia, guizhou has a total of 450000 users in the 5 pilot provinces and cities took part in the number portability.162000 brought in mobile measure 162000 carry out;telecommunications in 168000 with a 66000;unicom brought in 147000 with 161000.therefore, comparing the three arm into carrying out the difference between the amount of movement is really early as a year or two ago, the internet package was not so popular, the original mobile is already unpopular.

is not only this time, as early as in 2010 in tianjin and hainan is the first batch of pilot cities number portability;in 2014, the second batch of pilot finally number portability in jiangxi, hubei, yunnan fall to the ground.

in august 2017, due to the operators each them roughly accommodate the number of users has reached its limit, the ministry gave new them roughly three carriers regulations and approval:china telecom in november on new them roughly 199 again, give unicom 166 them roughly, unicom also to provide customers with open pick function at the same time.on the other side movement is the beginning of the intense appointment 198 them roughly.preferential policies them roughly again good, however, did not do with it?feel even more urgent, as the movement of the eldest brother is motionless.

apart from unicom internet package designs, more cost-effective, since last year on the new 166 them roughly with number 6 geely is also plagued by favour.and unicom 166 them roughly$99 to apply for, and at the same time enjoy unlimited.telecom is also of course with the same advantages attract many users.

a large number of mobile users, has become an unicom, telecom's the era of the internet is needless to say, the king of tencent card, ants treasure card, meiyou card and so on, a variety of app free flow of application software, which makes us feel the internet is so convenient, need not bear the high tariffs so easily.but even unicom, telecom use the same method to close the gap, mobile or the face of attack from both sides, small make up really don't know what mobile in calm it?

at the same time in addition to the supplier, as consumers we number portability calls is also more and more high.according to the ministry's announcement that:by 2020, the number portability will be the national really realize the number portability of that day of, maybe it's when the three carriers more severe challenge?mobile remained motionless, therefore, no action, it can be difficult to resist the unicom telecom sandwiched between.

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