during the spring festival in the year of dog ma lei jun liu these bosses are busy doing?

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in 2018, the year of dog during the spring festival coming soon, for let's these business people, in the past year busy tired can have a good release during the spring festival holiday, but some people's spring festival is more busy, such as the business leaders.but a moment also don't rest!

lei jun go to wuhan, in preparation for the millet headquarters in wuhan

on february 10, lei jun and hubei provincial party committee, deputy secretary of municipal party committee secretary chen i-hsin mutual visit the east lake green way, to prepare for the development of millet headquarters in wuhan next.

it is understood that last november, millet science and technology, jinshan software, suitable for capital officially in wuhan optical valley financial port, at present, the headquarters of all the work is progressing, artificial intelligence, customer service project has landed, kingsoft overseas operations center and office automation has come, the next step development will focus on"internationalization, new retail, artificial intelligence, customer service, cultural originality"five major parts.

lei jun and hubei origin, lei jun is hubei xiantao, was admitted to wuhan university in 1987.after graduation, lei jun to donate money for many times, in 2016, wuhan university, 120 anniversary, lei jun donated 10 million yuan to alma mater, wuhan university, so the millet headquarters building in wuhan, and lei jun wishes for many years.

liu with milk tea sister birthday zhang

electricity bosses liu here is much more relaxed, february 9, liu with milk tea sister appeared in the zhang ziyi's birthday party, milk tea sister zhangze day in front of the cameras take liu hand, wearing a red hat, a happy smile.

but then again, the east elder brother in recent years for the development of jingdong and fuck broken heart, whether it's business, or fashion, you can see they are husband and wife two people, must have the banquet or contact feelings, accumulated resources does not necessarily oh.

strategic investment was the home of jack ma, 5.4 billion yuan, a 15% stake in

on february 11, unexpectedly the home of the alibaba and its associated investment direction investment 5.453 billion yuan, with a 15% stake, unexpectedly the home of the investment holding group co., ltd.and beijing alibaba group jointly announced a new retail strategic cooperation.

alibaba since in 2016 launched a comprehensive new retail strategy, has formed based on the digital home appliance, consumer business, clothing department, restaurant food, home household all new retail formats layouts.

while signing the scene did not appear the figure of ma, but mr.ma's this time, see the is incredibly strong brand advantages and widely in the field of furniture channel cover, for a new retail territory expansion territory again.

tencent sea rings home for$2.5 billion, accounting for 5.31% of the total equity before

in february, ma have not been idle, tencent with 2.5 billion yuan to buy into domestic clothing retail group rings of the sea, sea rings of the total equity of 5.31%.

the sea home of rings is a large-scale clothing enterprises, business covers brand clothing business and high-grade worsted wool fabric, high-grade suit, professional clothing production and sales.

for the home of sea billow, tencent has more than 900 million active wechat users, the home of rings can get wechat fission the spread of the number of public traffic.

in addition, tencent is behind the resources, will help the rings of the sea to precise touch of potential consumers.tencent after taking a stake in, will include its jingdong, vipshop platform resources priority for sea rings.

this enormous flow of far more than taobao system, can be in the short term for sea rings home bring huge development opportunities.sea rings of"qingdao"tencent, seems to be a good choice.

baidu and collaboration between intelligent agricultural bank issue online

on february 11, baidu smart banking strategic cooperation with agricultural bank joint hatch first phase completed, the abc"financial brain"officially released"financial"joint innovation of science and technology laboratory of cooperation formally put into production.

although several large internet companies are now available its technical ability, can assign to financial institutions.but baidu financial seems to go faster, mainly its underlying is comparatively mature technology, digital background support capacity is relatively strong.

baidu financial solutions, the ai is equivalent to the fitted on intelligent device research, ai technology to better identify customers, greatly saves manpower and time cost to conduct banking business.

baidu in the application of the financial brain matures, wisdom, understanding of finance will be more in-depth and, in turn, will feedback baidu financial itself-this is the best place.

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