qualcomm booked in advance for half of global g market except apple samsung huawei

to enter 2018, qualcomm busy as a bee.the eu fines, samsung's litigation and reconciliation, and broadcom hostile takeover offer, all let qualcomm to cope with.even so, qualcomm has no relaxed 5 g of pace, but bigger in nearly two months time mount.

after all, is the real relationship between 5 g to qualcomm, the lifeblood of the development of the key in the future.

done a series of oem manufacturers and operators

in early january 2018 ces, qualcomm held a conference, 5 g become a highlight of the conference;then, on january 25, qualcomm and held a huge technology in china and cooperation summit, qualcomm ceo steve mollenpokf to attend in person, oppo, vivo, millet, zte and other domestic manufacturers to pay tribute and the leading role of the summit is still 5 g.

however, yet, on february 7, qualcomm and in the united states held an activity called 5 g day;in the event, qualcomm to show a pair of muscles.

in 5 g day activities, qualcomm announced, many oems from all over the world are sure, will be released in 2019 in use in the mobile devices xiao dragon x50 nr 5 g modem;these vendors including asustek, fujitsu, hmds, htc, lg, oppo, sharp, vivo, zte, sony, millet, etc.

it can be said that the half of the global smartphone market, make a block booking has been qualcomm 5 g.

but to be sure, qualcomm on 5 g's aim is not just to the smartphone market, also always connected pc notebook equipment, ar/vr/xr head-mounted device and mobile broadband device;these devices also cannot leave the 5 g network support.therefore, qualcomm also put our earlier xiao dragon x50 modem[with] on these products.

of course, not all of the smart phone manufacturers are willing to play with qualcomm, 5 g, such as the world's top three apple, samsung and huawei;lei feng network learned that in a market research firm idc in the last quarter of the data, the three market share accounted for 47.8% of total global mobile phone shipments.

in addition to the mobile device manufacturers, the company also agreed with many mobile operators to connect in 2018 5 g new hollow test covers(sub-6 ghz frequency band and millimeter wave) used in xiao dragon x50 modems.these operators including china mobile/unicom, telecom, at&t, lg uplus, sk telecom, deutsche telekom, sprint, verizon, etc., all the test will be based on 3 gpp release released in december 2017, 15 5 g new hollow standard, will certainly to compatible with 4 g lte.

in addition, qualcomm also announced at this year's show on non xiao dragon x50 thousands of trillion level of network connection, and the new application case based on this speed.

qualcomm is very severe, but there is no lack competition

in brief, under the strong push of qualcomm, xiao dragon x50 5 g modem became the important points, mobile devices and carriers and qualcomm also take this opportunity to out of the limelight.

in the network view, lei feng xiao dragon x50 modem recognised, is not an easy thing.in fact, as early as october 2016, qualcomm has released x50 xiao dragon, it is also the world's first 5 g modem;then in october 2017, qualcomm announced xiao dragon x50 completed the world's first in 28 ghz in millimeter wave band 5 g petascale data connection, at the same time also shows the 5 g phone reference design based on xiao dragon x50.

of course, xiao dragon x50 is not after release remains the same as g standard preliminary announced on december 5, 2017, qualcomm to adjust x50 optimization, to make it conform to the relevant standards.

from the perspective of the content of 5 g day qualcomm, qualcomm has undoubtedly is one of the leaders in the field of 5 g, can be done at the same time, after all, mobile terminals and operators 5 g players.but in fact, samsung, apple and companies such as huawei are absent 5 g alliance of qualcomm.

samsung absence for the simple reason that the giants don't want to subject to qualcomm in 5 g network level, and it has been during the ces 2018 shows own 5 g modems, its name is exynos 5 g;according to lei feng is understood, exynos 5 g can support 5 gbps network speed, highest downward compatible with 4 g/3 g/2 g, and according to samsung, it will be mass production and put into use in 2019.

from this perspective, samsung and its old teammate meizu not qualcomm 5 g cooperation list, it is very reasonable.

in the same way, huawei are also developing their own 5 g chip.on february 8, huawei announced in advance of mwc communication meeting, 5 g will allocate 5 billion yuan to 2018 research and development, at the same time, based on the nsa in 2018 will be released 5 g commercial version and a full range of commercial equipment, 5 g will be launched in 2019 5 g kirin chips and smart phones.

as for apple, from september 2016 iphone/july plus, it adopted a strategy of two legs, and adopted the qualcomm and intel chip baseband, which in 2017 has been used three iphone.and, more importantly, the intel has also announced its 5 g modems, the latest models is 8060-and xmm rumours, apple may all use intel in the future of the iphone baseband products.

of course, in 2019 5 g formal commercial, apple may continue at the same time using two 5 g baseband qualcomm and intel, apple, after all, do not want to have your product's future at the same company.

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