years later, human?experts say will become a biochemical robots


【 xu dewen scientific exploration and interesting 1028 】

50 years after what is a human shape?if only back in the past thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years, you might say, what will?still don't now.unfortunately, your judgment may be wrong, but also is greatly wrong, after 50 years of human will likely become a biochemical robots, appearance has been beyond recognition.

a robot journalist and expert chris middleton said that 2070 years later, our whole body can be replaced with machine parts, and anyone can buy provide future superman power components to upgrade one's own body and wisdom.fifty years from now this means that when we use titanium alloy eyes looking at the world, see will be shine, or colorful, varieties of superhuman biochemical robots or forms, some would jump, a little flying, some himself and automobile integrated together, some just put your brain to a goldfish bowl, through conscious control of their actions, or simply an encyclopedia britannica.

middleton said that many years ago have been hacking through biological implants to transform my body, such as the chip implanted palm used to open the door.hacking is the earliest creatures coventry university vice-chancellor kevin warwick, in his arm into the radio frequency identification(rfid) chip, allow him to grasp by simply shaking hands means to control the lighting equipment;rui-qi li, a creature of the hacker and utah has six implants, two ears headphones service, two fingers into magnetic induction, hands implants nfc(near distance wireless communication) chip to control equipment, arm of biological hot chips used to monitor temperature.

20 years after microsoft experts said the robot will be digital expansion of human consciousness, the robot will learn all of mankind, and can think like a man, with the second ego identity to change yourself.middleton thought, not a machine more and more like a human, but human beings more and more like machines.the human desire for the life to encourage people to change continuously, even if it means is more and more like a machine, after all, who wants to lose his life?

but we are still human skins, time is running out, and line and cherish it.

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