fast broadcast out wang xin will be lost time can also recover?

life is full of unknown variables, the ceo of a second or a heyday, the next moment became a prisoner in jail, at the moment she walked into the prison, perhaps for the first time wang xin will be feel the world is so strange, maybe from the moment they received the judgment, fast sowing has wang xin will be dead.

three years after six months, on february 7, 2018, sowing founder from wang xin will be soon.

in the evening, xiao peng car founder xiao-peng he on weibo drying out and photograph, wang xin will be"very happy today brother wang xin is the return of the body is very good, very mind, together with everybody cheerfully discussed ai, video, chain blocks, such as the development of technology, also hear a lot of secrets and memories, firmly believe in the near future, in the river's lake will be a master of a legendary king."

xiao peng car founder ceo li3 xue2 ling2 xiao-peng he gathered era and 58 city ceo yao jinbo him to welcome, compared with before prison, minimizing wang xin is not a few, but it appears to be healthy.

after out of prison and a band of brothers willing to leave, this is the place where the comforting wang xin will be.

the time of wang xin will be pulled up to the day

time is pointer on the clock, for some people it is difficult to send, infinite rotating in the spiral, growing with no end in sight, but in fact only is hovering in situ.

but for people like wang xin will be, time is gold river in fairy tales, he just met such rivers, but also can not afford time to scoop a spoonful of, died on april 22, 2014 a day.

this day, large numbers of police suddenly into fast shenzhen headquarters, seizure of all computer, control core staff!also wang xin will be too late to call his family, he was hastily put in jail.

every entrepreneurs face in prison with innocent, they can understand a lot of things, only cold cut strange law, put in chains of that a moment, there will be no more innocent people.

after a failed twice, seems to be finally found wang xin is a breakthrough.

with p2p technology advantage, quick information from a host of players to stand out, by the user and the user resource sharing, quickly with little bandwidth, can provide a fast download speeds, and other video platform is a headache for burn bandwidth at this time, the time the original tendency has not yet come, all the lack of effective means to turn a profit.

quick play low cost high efficiency in a short period of time to let users surge, but fast sowing follows from that day on, there are two original sin,"piracy"and"porn".

this proposed wang xin will be"technology, not only do do content", but the inevitable breaking into the interests of copyright owners, as a source of video copyright owners did not get any position in fast sowing the p2p model.

because of copyright infringement, fast sowing soon met with joy, china film companies such as prosecution, youku potatoes, sohu video, tencent video, music and so on more than 10 companies and institutions issued"china network video anti-piracy declaration of joint action, until companies such as fast sowing.

when, in the age of rampant piracy, no one is clean, the thunderbolt, baidu find fast big reason is that the persimmon soft enough, had not guilty carrying choi sin, what's more, its business model is inherently a fast knot, quick result envy letting a person.

originally for such a startup has the potential to become a unicorn, capital is originally should not be driven, in wang xintai too lofty but are wrong.

lost a times, still can find?

was born to the product manager for vc wang xin is naturally sensitive, he thinks investors will be short-sighted, cater to what they will do a lot of damage to the user experience, it is almost intolerable for him.

but he also misses the point:the vc on the policy information is one of the most informed, if the wind came in, they can tell what you can do, wang xin is what can't be done, fast things may be less than this point.

refused to investment, to quickly become the target of capital, he refuses to more than investors experienced, more cut off his retreat.

don't know stood on the dock at that moment, whether to have regretted it, wang xin will be if hive off some interests, he may not come this far, technical background at that time, he may not have wang jianlin market after years of ups and downs so wise.

too immersed in the world of technology, how to lose alertness to the big industry changes, wang xin is he can make a good product, but lack of trend judgment.

lost three years and six months, said long is not long, say short not short, but the positive career peak, wang xin will be static for 3 years.

for technology entrepreneurs, losing more than three years, wang xin will be video startup of an era.

in the time of the law of the jungle, the weak is the original sin, even if you have borne the nature, have no ability to protect their own work achievement, in the end is to do good for others.

jia yueting, changed depending on day, is a words:"how many ancient and modern things, pay and", the medicine of the time can be a smooth scars, can also be a brewing bitter hatred, these three years in prison, wang xin will be exactly want what, what, this is the crucial thing for him, this year, 38, wang xin will be during the prime of life, is also promising, look forward to return of wang xin will be!

the author:the wind qing

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