and a shared cycling collapse shared economy has already finished


"it also deterioration, its failure suddenly", sharing bike yesterday again a death.

7 night,#1 bike in its official public published a"refund".this paper points out that because of the company's operating direction change, so from now on will cease to for the deposit, 1 bike, said staff after receiving the information verified can return the deposit, return the time for the submitted information should be completed within 3 working days.

after the tuyere shared cycling to"melt the money to survive, no money will have to die"awkward situation.entrepreneurs think low threshold of the industry, if we have the capital to promote can be successful, it also exposes the shared behind bike competition is the competition of capital, and uncover the current shared economic coat is false sharing, lease.

sharing economy is the core of"build a platform, let the supplier and the purchaser at the c complete resources docking", the platform is not involved in the actual transactions, but the role of rules and executives.

but from shared cycling to share the umbrella, and then to share charging treasure, etc., all in this road is wide sharing economy, has the name of"sharing", no shared reality of the share the charging treasure, for example, even buy a charging treasure, also is a few yuan of money.what's more, a quick charge mobile phones prevails today, it's not difficult to find a place where it is charging.also, sharing charging treasure, shared the umbrella is easy to lose, is not easy to manage.entrepreneurs is very difficult to succeed in these segments, which obviously inconsistent with the core concept and characteristic of shared economy.

these coat covered with shared economy company as a direct service provider to participate in the user deal essentially b2c leasing business by the internet.the b2c false sharing mode of shared bicycle, shared charging treasure and no activation of idle resources of society, but increased after crazy expansion of the existing traffic pressure, cause huge waste of social assets.while sharing the economic capital behind the giant market share in order to move, regardless of the saturation of the market, in financing, refinancing and delivery cycle.

shanghai jing 'an district a breach stop at the scene of the non-motor vehicles piled up, tens of thousands of all sorts of color of shared bicycle was put out, wild plants to grow, and was dubbed the name of"shared cycling graveyard"public opinion.this should be a public convenience travel tools, but becomes a new"city disease".

share charge treasure quietly disappear, shared cycling failures, tells us an indisputable fact,""sharing"economic banner companies just relying on the traditional internet business forms, the"false needs","false","sharing"project, can eventually a whimper.

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