calculate to you this year how much money can be from the pay treasure to wufu red envelopes?

pay treasure"five blessings"red envelopes again, to this year has been set,"five blessings"red envelopes the third year bonus pool is from 200 million to 500 million.although this activity is ma out-of-pocket away, but the vast majority of users is not effusive, also the ma scold the dog blood spray head.

pay treasure to activity in the first year, when mr ma took out$200 million in cash, a total of 790000 sets jiwufu, 271.66 yuan per a daughter of dedication f is hard to find, someone bid$one thousand for selling online, natural demand market, really have cost a fortune to buy professional dedication.somebody else do that more than 200 bonus, but the face.this one dedicated to friends to show off, close to the envy of far more than that hundreds of dollars.

because winning the lottery too little, online bristle, appears to be taking communist split line won't work.the next year, jack ma, improved the activity, the winning number increased from 790000 to 168 million, share the bonuses are changed randomly, to see who is lucky, but most people get red envelopes for less than 2 dollars, ma was scolded, small make up all want to have a word for ma, although it is in order to compete with tencent, but mr ma is also pay the money to send you, participate in the threshold is not high also, isn't it too push your luck?

is pay treasure to third year red envelopes during the spring festival this year, mr ma again according to the opinion of the netizens improvement activities, improve the total bonus to 500 is said that this year's event just online for 5 minutes, someone will be collected wufu, looks although bristle continuously, but the white one with the money we were filled with a passion.

as of now, the number of sets jiwufu is close to 50 million, if victory today, on average have 10 dollars each.but this activity is to is over 15, and in accordance with the current growth rates, must break through 100 million person-time, that each person average is$5, it actually also do not have what meaning, but this year ma played a live, bonus continuation of random, but the biggest red envelope into 666, this let all people have the expectation, the 666 isn't me.

in addition, in order to increases the chances of winning again, this year also added the ant farm game addition to sweep a day everyone gets two zhang fu card, also can enter the ant farm, click a chicken to collect gold card, and then click the golden eggs, it will have the opportunity to get good cards, since february 11, also can pass the water to get the card, it's an extra 2 zhang fu card, can get at most four a day, note that the event date from february 8 up to february 15() new year's eve.

jack ma, why make money this thing so complicated?actually, ma is the head, this time in previous years are gratis, pay treasure to lose money uses, not earn money to compensate in shouted, but all became widespread.jack ma, it's being scolded, not equal to take pay treasure to play, you see all the ant farm game task is closely around to pay, that is to say, get a red envelope task increases, wants to gather more blessed, must use pay treasure to pay.

subway, online payment, network office, bus tickets, green, green package, the effective behavior of the trigger, the ant forest to some extent, has become the place such as games pay treasure to promote effective tool for the user activity and loyalty.

jack ma always understand a truth about human nature, white for things are not cherish forever, this year with how you scold, i am a horse dad.

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