fast information from wang xin is why so popular?

in recent years, gome's huang guangyu has been attracting the attention of the society.

in recent months, music, visual jia yueting has been attracting the attention of public opinion;

but in recent days, fast wang xinze become the focus of attention on...

who is wang xin will be?

graduated from nanjing university of posts and telecommunications, wang xin will be 2000-2001 shenzhen dragon vein information co., ltd., subordinate telecoms, deputy general manager of the joint venture company, founded in 2002, shenzhen golden point software co., ltd., as ceo, 2005-2006 shanghai shanda network development co., ltd., sdo department assistant director, founded in 2007 by shenzhen fast information technology co., ltd., as ceo.

in april 2014, beijing public security department to fast company investigation, flight wang xin will be.shenzhen on august 8th, fast information company spread bawdy pornography information online in major criminal suspects, fast information company as a legal person and general manager, wang xin will be fled overseas was caught after 110 days, the international judicial cooperation channels by relevant national handed over to the chinese late september 2014, in accordance with law, transfer the case by the beijing municipal public security bureau haidian bureau of procuratorial authority for examination and prosecution.on february 6, 2015, was indicted.on september 9, 2016, haidian court trial again"broadcast"spread pornographic materials for profit, lasted nearly three hours of the trial, fast company defense lawyer pleaded guilty.on september 13, ceo sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, wang xin will be sentenced to a fine of 10 million.on february 7, 2018 in the afternoon.

from wang xin will be!

a news hot network yesterday.according to the report:in wang xin will be released yesterday afternoon.a haircut, took a bath, back to see the the first public appearance since saw his family and auto chairman xiao-peng he and xiao peng, 58 city ceo yao jinbo era, togetherness, chairman and ceo, li3 xue2 ling2 meet discussed ai cheerfully, video, block chain, etc.the development of the technology.

this photo from weibo xiao-peng he outflow, apparently, some thin, but the mental state is good.just, smiling, eyes still seems to reveal a trace of sadness...

from wang xin is why is so popular?

for out of prison, wang xin will be before there is media coverage, and in the later, has not appeared in public, is from a friend's weibo"pull out", and many netizens also attention continuously.why wang xin is so popular?

first of all, the attention of the society.the internet and mobile internet era, any trouble can be timely attention, and once is the focal point, the attention can be rapidly expand, and spread.which is wang xin is the character of the times, is the focus of the industry development, is the usage of many video users, natural concern;

second, the focus of public the only thing missing is the focus, but never a lack of those days and his wang xin is fast, the industry once occupied 70% market share, not paying attention to.although the sentence was later put on record, but created by fast impress a lot of people, also become the focus of public opinion.from the angle of the past and longings for the future, with wang xin is in people's expectations of more or less, at least mentally;

third, focus on the change.ever faster, changed the chaotic video market, from the technical renovation, bring convenience to people watch video, but porn is the most deadly.even so, this change still left a deep impression to people, has also changed later video market.the face of all the video platform, the present all kinds of buffer, advertising, membership, actually people still miss quick play.and after prison, wang xin will be more people think, or more hope and change, the change of video products, expectations of new things, new development, even if only in the heart level!

4,"hero".society needs to change, need time to drive.the replacement of history and the development of the times is the need to related to reflect the characters, but also calculate wang xin will be age characters.this society, this time, so need more wang xinshi figure and push to change, and change, promote success or not, should be in the era of"hero"...

return, wang xin is fast but won't come the entrepreneur, as wang xin will be change, look forward to more quickly by type of landmark orthodox products, industry change, social change...

also hope can rally, wang xin is a supplement of the past, bring more that time, everyone will to make up a membership card...

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