musk of dummy astronauts back to the last take fly to solar technology after morning paper

wang xiaochu, unicom secondary company doesn't rule out and bat group of the joint venture company

china unicom chairman wang xiaochu the extraordinary shareholders' general meeting is the first time in 2018, according to china unicom internet business cooperation with bat and other strategic shareholders in full swing, mainly in the cloud, big data, new retail and so on eight xiaochu said:"the future in addition to business cooperation, unicom's secondary company doesn't rule out with the bat strategic shareholders and established joint venture capital level, from the business level into the capital cooperation level."

tesla in the fourth quarter revenue of$3.288 billion, a net loss of expanded 251% year-on-year

tesla local time, on wednesday announced earnings in the fourth quarter of 2017, during the reporting period, tesla revenue of$3.288 billion, compared with$2.285 billion in the same period last year rose 43.9%, is higher than the previous quarter of$2.985 billion,$3.3 billion, but slightly lower than expected net loss of$771 million, increased by 251% year-on-year.according to tesla 2017 full-year results released at the same time, its annual revenue of$11.8 billion, up 55% from a year earlier.tesla said in earnings in 2018 will be a important change of the company for a year, operation scale will reach a high level, model3 and energy production capacity will continue to improve, there will be more strict control and operating expenses, operating profit will at some point this year into continuous positive.

the musk dummy astronauts back to the final after a take to fly to the solar system

in capsules after the successful launch of falcon rocket, a four hour live streams recorded"driving"cherry red roadster dummy astronaut starman adventure stories, and back to the amazing pictures.from earth's orbit, before starman battery, the last a self-portrait, eventually leaving earth's orbit, from outside our solar system.musk said:"from its launch, the battery can roughly 12 hours.after that, it will into deep space, for millions of years, or billions of

softbank fund set up less than a year, investment has more than$35 billion

softbank has released results show that the established less than a year of vision fund(vision fund) at present, the investment has more than$35 funds by softbank chairman masayoshi son with saudi public investment fund jointly sponsored by the end of 2016, was formally established in may 2017, plans to raise funds for$100 vision, has to make the investment, the recent largest for uber$7.7 billion investment.other investment objects including arm, nvidia, indian electricity it, india's largest mobile payment and the parent of e-commerce platform paytm one97 communication companies, etc.

netease koala denied selling fake cosmetics, questioned the appraisal qualifications pair

in view of the pair has pointed out that hai tao goods for false problem, netease response said in a statement released the koala 8th, points out that pair of netease koala the purchase problem clear and reliable, and commodity procurement source link for overseas in normal selling authentic goods, to provide clear and reliable pair of authentic proof.netease koala sea purchase also questioned in a statement the pair using the appraisal qualification authentication institutions do not have the goods, said it would appeal to the competent business unit luomenhasi state administration for industry and commerce regulatory advice, defend netease koala sea purchase quality goods reputation.

samsung chairman lee kun-hee suspected of tax evasion listed by the south korean police

the south korean police will samsung chairman lee kun-hee as suspected tax evasion.according to south korean media reports, lee kun-hee, suspected of using someone else's identity to open a bank account, deposit about 400 billion won($368 million),$7.5 million suspected tax declined to comment.

3 billion strategic stakes in tencent shanda games

shanda announced on february 8th night, announced and tencent reached a strategic cooperation, tencent to rmb 3 billion strategic stakes in big games, the two sides will strengthen the depth of cooperation on the existing business.shanda said:with the further improving the capital structure, the success of the business model transformation, shanda games will enter a new stage of development milestone.

on the nyse to china, first rose 9%

china rice science and technology in beijing time monday night formally on the nyse, stock code for"hmi, the opening price to$12, compared with$11 ipo price rose 9%, the ipo will be$110 million m financing for suisse securities(usa) co., ltd., citigroup global markets and huaxing securities(hong kong) co., ltd.underwriters for the ipo.founded in january 2014 to china, is millet chain enterprises, the main production millet intelligent bracelet and independent brand amazfit etc.product.millet currently holds a 19.3% stake to china, and according to the shareholders' agreement to appoint a director.

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