millet filling the first listed in the united states;released forbes list of the first digital currency

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1 m nyse listing, china:total financing more than$110 million, into millet filling the first

on february 8, the evening news, china m science and technology in the united states listed on the new york stock exchange(nyse)(stock code:hmi), as the first listed companies in the united states for millet filling.m this time, china science and technology to ads(american depositary shares,$11 a share price, the initial public offering of 10 million adss, raising over$110 million, underwriters, citigroup and credit suisse huaxing capital.

by the first day, china m technology shares rose$0.03 to$11.03, a rise of 0.27% in the price.m with closing prices, china science and technology with a$656 million market.

2, forbes published the first digital currency list

on wednesday local time, the forbes rich list released the first digital currency areas, rayleigh wave currency founder chris larsen(chris larsen) with a net worth of$7.5 billion to$8 billion encryption currency valuations at the top of the list, the etheric fang consensys co-founder and block chain company chief executive joseph rubin(joseph lubin) encryption currency net worth between$1 billion to$5 billion, ranked second, and the founder of the first domestic currency currency trading platform t ann zhao changpeng ranked third, its encryption currency valuations net worth between$1.1 billion to$2 billion.

3, tesla release q4 earnings are expected to achieve sustained profitability for the first time

the electric car manufacturer tesla on wednesday announced earnings in the fourth quarter of 2017, the quarter tesla revenue of$3.288 billion, slightly lower than expected, but net loss increased by 251% year-on-year.musk wrote in a letter to shareholders, for tesla, this year is the year of the transformation of business scale will reach a high level, with the ramp up of the model 3 and energy products, the company's quarterly operating profit should be at a certain moment in 2018 into a sustainable comes at a time.

4, netease q4 14.6 billion net income increased 20.7% year-on-year net profit of 1.29 billion

netease(nasdaq:ntes) today announced that the company as of december 31, 2017 in the fourth quarter unaudited financial show that netease net income for 14.608 billion yuan($2.245 billion) in the fourth quarter, year-on-year increase of 20.7%, for the record;net income of 1.286 billion yuan($198 million).

5, twitter announced first quarter profit earnings rose 15%

according to foreign media reports, because the video advertising sales growth, twitter last night announced the first quarterly results, and better than wall street expected earnings in the fourth quarter net profit of$91.1 million, and in the same period of last year the company losses of$167.1 this good news, before the company's shares rose about 15%.the company said, according to general accounting standards computation, is expected in 2018 will be profitable.

6, media:haier plans listed in germany will be the first issue d shares of chinese companies

according to reuters, haier plan on the market in germany, will become the first issue d shares of chinese enterprises.d, refers to the co., ltd., registered in china stock listed in frankfurt, germany.d issue need to review and approved by the chinese and german regulators, listing and trading rules from the stock market in germany.

7, south korean police:samsung chairman lee kun-hee suspected of tax evasion 8.2 billion won

yonhap news agency reported on thursday, south korean police alleged that samsung chairman lee kun-hee suspected of tax evasion 8.2 billion won($8.5 million), and use the employees bank account money holdings of 400 billion won.south korean police have been investigating, lee kun-hee, suspected appropriation of company funds, used for himself and his family residential interior decoration.since a heart attack in 2014, mr lee has been in the hospital.

8, a station issued a large number of jobs, but the site is still the lockout

yesterday, a station official weibo send picture of the company to celebrate the off-year pack dumpling, although not the present situation of the company, but photos as suggesting that the company is still operating, financing the this point, is apart from the owe fee to shut down a station for server has been in the past 5, as before, a stand of web and app is still unable to open.

but from a recruitment website, found that a standing start from two days ago dense post recruitment news, java, php, web front-end, operational and administrative positions, work for the beijing wangjing a station headquarters, plus officer began to update, a standing resurrection is promising.

9, the beautiful mobile phone response to takeover speculation:it would investigate the false news source

most recently on the internet suddenly reports that mobile phone will be acquired, although the news did not spread, but has caused great influence.the beautiful company released overnight response, said is false news, and will be investigating the sources and all rights reserved.the beautiful at the same time the company also called for the mobile phone industry benign competition, clarify the noise.

10, netease koala denied selling fake cosmetics question appraisal qualification pair

in view of the pair has pointed out that hai tao goods for false problem, netease koalas are released in response to a statement saying, points out that pair of netease koala the purchase problem clear and reliable, and commodity procurement source link for overseas in normal selling authentic goods, to provide clear and reliable pair of authentic proof.

express speed know

musk confirm the central booster rocket failure falling atlantic

shanda games send announcement:tencent$3 billion strategic investment in

huawei:this year for 5 billion yuan to 5 g development next year push 5 g chip and mobile phone

wechat announcement:punishment in account exceeds 30000, the spring festival will continue to high-pressure blow

the internet sports social brand complete c+round splash, total number of users has breakthrough

nvidia in the fourth quarter revenue of$2.911 billion net profit year-on-year increase 71%

yu weibo reveals the exhibition new action:or will release full screen matebook

8, huawei's consumer business more than ceo chengdong weibo propaganda video released huawei terminal company, revealed the mwc will release new products this year, through propaganda video can guess, huawei will launch a new matebook or tablet, and it will play full screen concept.

softbank's vision of science and technology fund was formally established in less than a year investment has more than$35 billion

softbank, according to results released on tuesday was formally established in less than a year of vision, the vision of science and technology fund, at present, the investment has more than$35 fund investment so far the largest recent a taxi is a$7.7 billion investment in foreign platform uber, this investment transactions completed in last month.other investment also includes arm, nvidia, indian electricity it, india's largest mobile payment and the parent of e-commerce platform paytm one97 communication companies, etc.

alibaba plans about relationship between human and robot theme movie"iron soldiers"

according to the american finance website, cnbc reported since alibaba is carried out on the field of artificial intelligence(ai) large-scale investment, the chinese e-commerce giant ready to make a film about the relationship between human and robot in the film"iron soldiers".movie will be made by ali pictures film companies in china and the united states stx entertainment, cooperative production, film, a dismissed special forces officer was appointed to train high-tech robot soldiers, in order to make them into an elite force.

as tesla ceo focus to ferry?musk responded like this guess

according to foreign media reports, after some speculate that musk or will no longer as electric car maker tesla's chief executive, but will focus on the development of space exploration vehicle.but musk said on wednesday, in the foreseeable future, he will stay on as chief executive of tesla's.he said the company is not looking for a new chief executive plan.but in some stage for the development of the company, he was willing to leave the position of the chief executive, let oneself of different roles, such as more focus on product development and engineering.

an indian take-away platform raised$100 million tencent's big shareholders led meituan and cast

indian take-away platform swiggy recently completed the$100 million in financing.south african media conglomerate naspers led, the new investors meituan review for refs.sources, not including this round of financing funds, swiggy the valuation of about$600 million to$650 million.

administration of radio, film and television audio-visual programs related to tv regulation vulgar hype link delete

according to the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television, the official news recently, the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television joint local press and publication, nhk punch, such as serious about online recently appeared distorted deduce red classics, malicious splicing classic cartoon image spreading violence, the vulgar hype audio-visual tv celebrity gossip privacy and flaunt wealth of pleasure.youku, love art, the holder of tencent, baidu and other audio-visual website seriously implement the, so far, sorting out related accounts in more than 1500 online, thoroughly remove the related program links.

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