fast sowing experienced wang xin will be hapless years old may have become the potential of the internet

xiao-peng he, photo, yao jinbo joy wang xin is

two people are maxed out internet yesterday, one is the founder of space x and tesla musk, one is that china's fast sowing founder, wang xin is don't want to say there is one thing in common, two small outbreak is their family background is related to mineral--it is said that was born in hunan wang xin is an ordinary working families, musk is similar, but the father of musk is an owner of pretoria in south africa.

in short is from wang xin is prick silk, and musk is indeed worthy of the name of rich second generation.

someone may ask why china not jobs or musk?the question is actually ignored a reality, china has many with the same background wang xin will be prick silk in the business.

yesterday, founder of fast sowing in jail that night, wang xin will be three him best to welcome after 70.

xiao-peng he still didn't endure, send out a weibo announced the return of wang xin is

the three brother wang xin is a ratio a bad, have to xiao-peng he work in the second stage, he was born in 77 than big wang xin will be 3 years old;there are hunan person of hometown yao jinbo, wang xin will be born in 76 in 2018, he internet rich lists in 7.4 billion ranked 37th fortune;there seems to be the most tender the old li3 xue2 ling2, actually also is among them the most--worth more than yao jinbo 8, rich list ranked higher than yao jinbo seven.

is only one of four in 80, wang xin is also one of the most bad.but it is often said that a person's value is equal to his best value of the average of the five look at friends wang xin is wealth, believe that he also where is less than the future!

what's more, is not the only wang xin is a suffer entrepreneurs at the age of 34.

duan yongping paid

china's godfather entrepreneur duan yongping paid also met a camp at the age of 34, he was born in 1961, from 1989 to 1989, he will be a loss of 2 million small plant into a value of 1 billion game production company;but in 1994 he proposed tinkering with little overlord stake was rejected, then was forced to at the age of 34(1995) led six employees start a backgammon, opens the second startup.

when a hard three or four years, night back to before liberation.but duan yongping paid much is he passed four years or so, led a backgammon became cordless phones, one of the biggest companies in field of vcd.

in 2001, 40, duan yongping paid already semi-retired, who in 2000 when the internet bubble, also conveniently saved netease, when ding"camp", 34 to late some, netease shares around 2001 almost became the trash, ding, 30, almost see netease was forced to retreat city.he found the duan yongping paid, then the old paragraphs to about$1 to buy netease shares, the stock price has risen to$70 in 2003.

actual case told us, 34, is an entrepreneur, michael passed, can be requested.

li3 xue2 ling2 had difficulties at the age of 34, 2007 because of his own judgment, forced to decide to do yy acquisition ispeak failure;in the spring of 2008 has met more than a dozen people leaving the core team of crisis.

li3 xue2 ling2

after the three and a half years in jail, harvest is stick to the family's wife, wang xin is the welcome of the eldest brother, the kind of internet users, and enthusiasm for capital, his future is a lot of imagination.

so ceo letter you think:34, entrepreneurs, or poor, or has gone through the roof!now face hardships, wang xin is perhaps in the future will become the foundation of his success.let's wait and see!

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