two name spring dealer list china internet list one worth super 10010 million only years old!

on february 6, interface news release 2018 for the first time china's rich list of the top 1000 list-2018 list of the chinese internet, the internet millionaire is refers to the source of wealth is mainly relying on the internet platform.list of the selected threshold is 3 billion yuan, a total of 72 rich become the internet's richest man, mr ma, li followed suit.

2018 list of the chinese internet

the list of the springs, as follows:mr.cai from the beautiful and wu xinhong, father and son two people are in quanzhou shishi.

the beautiful two head

丨 beautiful company founder and chairman of mr.cai(left) and the beautiful company founder and ceo wu xinhong

mr.cai, quanzhou, shishi, was born in 1970, the earlier began to do business.wu xinhong and quanzhou shishi, born in 1981, after they graduated from high school to start a 2000, mr.cai to xiamen, a discussion on the bbs of domain name business met the same to xiamen wu xinhong of entrepreneurship.two people chat for a long time, only to find that turned out to be a person of hometown.later, wu xinhong business fail, mr.cai and invited him to join your company.

in the meantime, mr.cai has traveled to beijing, wu xinhong continue in xiamen incubation 2008, mr.cai run himself back to xiamen after the 265 site sold to google., wu xinhong developed and launched the"mars text input method"the young man in a popular, which they see business opportunities.they decided to set up the beautiful company.after a modification software named"the beautiful master"began to popular among young too it is not good, and give it a name:the picture show.on december 15, 2016, won the company listed in hong kong, raised hk$4.688 billion($600 million) in total.

it is worth mentioning that list kai ying network with swimming race between the two companies are backdoor quanzhou listed companies listed, respectively is the equity and the plum blossom umbrella.

-all list analysis--

three giant bat in the top three

internet fortune has two prominent features:change fast, younger.high wealth value and younger internet millionaires to prove it.china's internet has been learning from a copy toward independent innovation.the internet has become a new name card of china's economy.

to be included in the list of the 72 total wealth is 72 yuan, accounting for"2018 china's richest 1000 people"list, 13.9% of the total wealth value;wealth is 24.2 billion yuan, an average of nearly 2018 china's richest 1000 people billionaire twice the average a representative of the new economy, the internet is the real machine.among china's internet rich list of the top five individual wealth rich were more than 100 billion yuan.

ma won the top of the huge wealth for 282 billion yuan.thanks to the king of glory the phenomenon level in the national hot game, tencent's online game revenue growth of 39% in the first half of 2017 to 23.9 billion yuan.tencent, 2017 years ago in the third quarter revenue and net profit year-on-year growth of more than 50%.the rapid growth of income and net profit also led to tencent's share price growth.tencent's share price in 2017 has experienced the leap of rocket type, late in the year of hk$187 per share jumped to 406 hong kong the end of 2017, tencent became the first chinese market capitalisation of$500 billion, the company, to become the world's fifth largest market capitalization companies.

jack ma, wealth is second with 213.8 billion in the first three quarters of 2017 operating income of 105.3 billion yuan, up 58.48% from a year earlier, and net income of 32.4 billion yuan, up 113.21% from a year earlier."double a"carnival in 2017, the day the cat final volume total in 168.2 billion, once again break the record.outstanding business case that alibaba's share price rose, from$89 to$89 per share in 2017.

li to the wealth of 136.7 billion yuan in third.robin li, baidu's chairman.compared with the comprehensive and rapid development of tencent and alibaba, baidu's competitive ranking has been controversial, development also into a bottleneck break this situation, in early 2017, appointed qi lu's new president and coo, baidu, baidu's strategic focus in the field of artificial this year, baidu baidu mobile medical unit of eliminating the controversial, set up the secret division overweight human-computer interaction, merge and opening drive department unmanned apollo technology platform, and so on.through continuous trial and error, deep reflection and the strategic adjustment and a series of measures, baidu was finally found the rhythm:baidu 2017 years ago in the third quarter net profit year-on-year growth of 88.47%, to 14.1 billion yuan.

the chinese internet rich than younger

the chinese internet rich list on the average age is 47 years old, is relatively young.among them, there are 12 people belong to the standard of"80 after", occupy 17% of the total number of list.the eldest is rich from visual chinese dao-xun liao, 86 years old this year.the youngest was dai wei ofo:born in the year 1991.

the list men rich internet accounts for absolute advantage.among them, 67 for men, only five were women.the five female internet millionaires are respectively ant gold suit peng lei, shanghai holding kang qiao, sheng wang kunlun ten thousand d, web host technology ye qiongjiu pony tjandra, straight flush.

beijing, shanghai internet companies are most likely to produce millionaires

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from the place where the rich internet company, headquartered in beijing, shanghai, internet companies are most likely to produce millionaires.among them, the 34 rich internet company headquartered in beijing, 12 rich internet the company's headquarters in shanghai, seven rich internet the company's headquarters in zhejiang, six rich internet company based in guangdong.

the internet in the industries of rich of the segmentation, we found that online games, internet banking, e-commerce, internet social networking is rich internet is engaged in the most four industries.among them, 19 internet millionaires in the network game industry, 11 rich internet is engaged in the internet financial(including financial services, internet financial information, the internet internet borrowing) industry, eight internet millionaires in the e-commerce industry, seven rich internet is engaged in the internet industry.because tencent company has both social software and online games, so the repeated computation.

the list of survey as the main assets in mainland china's richest.the wealth of the rich in private and public companies are in the source mainly includes the stock exchange, china industrial and commercial data, part of the overseas registration and registration data, access to information channels and so on.for the valuation of listed companies, we use the last a la data of 2017 average;for valuation of a private company, we use the same or similar to the valuation of listed companies to carry on the fitting operation.the overall data cut-off point for december 31, 2017, foreign currency assets on the exchange rate is adopted to improve the conversion.

source(quanzhou first integrated micro letter)

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