million sold letv!who cut blood thirsty?the shenzhen stock exchange letv post

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throughout the day, nearly 30% of the turnover rate of 4.1 billion volumes, 400 million yesterday, a total of 4.5 billion entry letv funds.after 12 drop stop board, today, finally ushered in the day of joy miniaturization:a mysterious funds, these funds blade lick blood, death squads, back and kick-started the networks of drop stop board, even bizarre washed up on the harden board!

you know, le networks at present from the fund had expected price also sent three drop stop board, and today there are 200 million restricted stock, this means that the amount of today have a batch of new day money ready to killing run.knowing that, and who's really crazy flange, pry plate drop stop board, really surprising!

the rise, the turnover rate, the volatility, even the shenzhen stock exchange and miniaturization:oneself also see not bottom go to.according to sina finance and economics, the shenzhen stock exchange emergency notification miniaturization:hype risk, said be careful investment.about half past five in the afternoon today, le networks and risk warning report published price changes, reciting the investment risks of their own.

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there is a huge mystery buyer, who is?!

in addition, set a shares the longest drop stop record of bao li, today also magic open drop stop race to turn red,"day", turnover rate of nearly 26%, turnover of more than 600 million yuan, previously recorded 29 come down.

it's a magical day!the two demon circulation turn red at the same time, today after the fall harvest the huge pay, nearly 30% of the turnover rate, party long-short fierce fighting!

so, who touched the, blade blood thirsty?!

12 consecutive trading day after the drop stop, le networks today finally opened the drop stop board, plate once rose by more than 9%, close to of the close, le miniaturization:5.08 yuan/share, or 5.39%, turnover rate is 29%, the volume up to 4.1 billion, in record.

in fact, since the resumption of le networks have many retail investors, institutional investors, financing the guest even accept the financial institutions of miniaturization:equity pledge, a huge paper losses, and on february 8(today), le networks will face 200 million restricted stock was released, in the mail, wealth tong, harvest fund and cattle jian-ping zhang will join the army of escape.

knowing so and who's really crazy flange, pry plate drop stop board and let the market consternation.

according to the expected value in public funds, le networks's share price will fall to 3.91 yuan, now, this price and three drop stop board.

"if i have plenty of funds, also consider to participate in, but certainly not the current price, the position is not high."a financing guest told reporters that militants have own style, too risky, but still think now buy joy miniaturization:in his opinion, even 12 drop stop board, the value of networks or on the gem in the front row, water does not drain, and than a list of music and a lot of valuable networks can buy.

by today's closing prices, le networks ranked 33rd in the growth enterprise market capitalization and total value of over 95% of the gem companies!

in fact, since yesterday(7 february), le networks has been a wave of deep-pocketed mystery buyer at top, took action.

early february 7, did to save only a short span of five minutes, miniaturization:drop stop price clinch a deal with dense 408800 hand, corresponding to clinch a deal amount is 197 million yuan, as of the close, le networks days total turnover of 396 million yuan, a record since the resumption of the highest.

however, after half a day struggle, these mysterious money without success, le networks shares still being crucified on the drop stop board.

today, the miracle appear.on february 8, le networks drop stop board will be pried, trading volume is rising sharply, as of the close, volume 8.7837 million, 4.11 billion yuan, a record, shares rose 5.39%, to 5.08 yuan/share.

it is worth mentioning that le networks today has 213 million shares of restricted stock today released, accounting for 5.35% of the total equity.

announcement, according to the received restricted stock release, is in august, 2016, to participate in le miniaturization:a set of three institutions mailed in funds, harvest fund, wealth fund and cattle jian-ping zhang stake.learned, le miniaturization:price increases at the beginning of 45.01 yuan/share(after answer authority is 22.5 yuan/shares), on february 7, the closing price of 4.82 yuan per share calculation, the four shareholders book was negative total up to 3.766 billion yuan.

from le miniaturization:today's share price, the above four shares held by the shareholders not to wholesale selling, otherwise, the networks will be another drop stop board.

from previous billboard, in networks after, there are some hot money involved in the bottom of networks.

, according to data on january 24, since the resumption of citic securities in beijing headquarters office, zhengzhou weft five central china securities business department, southwest securities dalian branch, southwest securities in shenzhen shennan avenue business departments, and other business department of seats on the hot money buying, among them there are like huatai securities in shenzhen yi entrance rongchao business center office such famous seats hot sales., according to the sales department of landing billboard music miniaturization:on january 25, buying at the top, one-time buy 12.42 million yuan, accounting for the total volume ratio of 55.51%.

the first finance and economics, statistics, after the resumption of miniaturization:a total of five times on billboard, zhengzhou zhongyuan securities weft five road sales department on the 5 times, bought a net 5.4968 million;guosen securities shanghai, beijing east road sales department and citic securities beijing headquarters office are listed twice, the former seats sold a net 4.717 million, who bought a net 4.14 million seats.

happy networks on february 7th trading schedule of public information.source of the shenzhen stock exchange

and on february 8 days amount money pry drop stop board after data showed that institutions in insanity, the hot money or retail or become main flange.

zhongtai securities texas 38 middle road sales department buy topped 136.25 million yuan, china's shenzhen shennan avenue business department to buy 88.58 million yuan.sell, wide hair negotiable securities in shenzhen shennan road east tops sell 132.26 million yuan, haitong securities chairman of shanghai jianguo road sales department to sell 116.26 million yuan, an institution to sell 111.41 million yuan.

in networks since the resumption of sell seats on billboard, fleeing the figure of thering is no lack of institutions.on january 26 and january 30 networks with uniqueness on sale, all have seats to sell.and from the perspective of the position of four at the end of the quarter, public funds is the main body position of networks.

the industry, said a local private music networks become warped board is the strength of the parties as a result, the effect of a similar plot has happen to st bao li, but different networks have assets, restructuring expected, and the outside world has been that sooner or later the ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution to overweight, complete control networks.participation become warped plates, he argues, is mostly retail, hot money, and even individual institutions, mainly on music share price leverage networks.

according to tencent's financial reports, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces of idle fund bosses have been in the warehouse ready money, ready to pry plate le networks of the 12th drop stop, part is derived from the scattered jian-ping zhang raising cattle and participated in hundreds of orient securities longjing road, save your money, in the sales department;the other part is betting on ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution they le networks of long term capital;the last part of a day do ultrashort short-term funds.

jian-ping zhang who?hangzhou linan people, born in 1967.although he's less famous in xu xiang, but financial strength.he is the big dipper in hot money, enjoy the"zhejiang market first leader","the king of death squads", known as xu xiang eponymous bosses.

in addition, according to sina finance and economics, in the circle of friends and spread out with a large family chats, become warped plate letv shows the whole storehouse.

in chat records, according to the large admitted in the army become warped plate has its own place, and believe the next'll have a good profit, but ask to buy logic, is"not particularly, is dry".screenshots and gave his trading account.

letv difficult, p plus support, and is an ally or an enemy, is doing the bureau of premeditation or real back, silly couldn't see...

however, it is very important.murder happened, the killer is generally the most motive, letv case, and who?

happy don't fell, who is the most happy?

on board of the miniaturization:happy to not only the retail, and institutions.

during the suspension of more than a year, there have been several positions networks repeatedly lowered its valuation of fund company, lowest 3.91 yuan, the equivalent of 13 consecutive drop stop le apparent before it has 13 drop stop board plate, heavy warehouse fund will adjust letv valuations in the market.

the annual report data show that by the end of 2017, a total of more than 50 public funds hold networks, combined with a total of 99.4797 million shares, holding one of the top ten heavy positions in 20, only accounts for fund net value is the highest percentage of hua an gem 50 to 8.86%, followed by the western gains for ann, accounted for 8.14% of net worth ratio and mailed in hybrid mix, 6.29% of the equity ratio.

however, le networks announced today, confirmed by the company, the company more than 5% of shareholders in the stock trading abnormal fluctuation during the buying and selling company stock.that is to say, ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution must not begin today, is the man to help him pick up the disk.

indeed, for some, ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution may be more hope miniaturization:a few drop stop again.

, according to the securities times le networks after a 12 consecutive drop stop, shareholder is more than 100000 worth the loss of 100000 yuan.

on december 21, 2011, chongqing beer open after 9 drop stop board, on the day of 2.7 billion, this is zexi xu xiang a classic battle, when bosses won, just now, but each person is different every year.

now networks open board, someone choose risks and seek riches and honor, but most of the netizens or rational treatment.couldn't help but think of a joke:those who with darting in the frenzy of the other people are quick to flee.two people pass by, strabismus, each other all dark heart read:silly force.

silly points not clear, small make up feel, this time don't edge lick blood, touched the, careful hurt myself.

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