why the logistics hub construction along abundant express in hubei?

is in memphis, tennessee's largest city, its population is only 680000 people(2006), compared with big cities like los angeles, miami, new york, is really not much.however, memphis is"american hub", because it is the most important transportation hub in the country and transportation center, is also the world's largest aviation logistics hub.

the city is important, because a company completely.the company is fedex.

in 1975, fedex from little rock, arkansas moved to memphis.the company is still unknown at the time, just a small freight company going bust.fred smith ambitious, he want to challenge the ups courier(ups), the seattle-based company has 70 years of history, was the express industry giant.

why fedex selected memphis?in the 1970 s, after all, memphis is only a small american town.here is the home of elvis presley, the birthplace of the blues rock, is the place where the assassination of martin luther king jr said to economic advantage, memphis really have nothing to say.

in fact, memphis as the premier"treasure", fedex does have its advantages.

first, memphis is located in the center of america's economic geography.please note that i said is"economic geography center", rather than geography or land.memphis is located in the central american southeasterly position, start from here, no matter to the eastern united states new york city, or in the north of chicago, or the southwestern coast, aviation distance is about the same.below is the night of the united states satellite imagery, lamplight said population intensive, memphis is located in the center of the economic geography, it is more accurate.

(american satellite image at night, red dot for memphis)

second, memphis traffic condition is superior.the mississippi river crossing downtown memphis, two interstate highway intersection here, the network more developed.from the mississippi river swum up container ship, in the dock goods, by rail, road system, 10 hours can reach most of the united states.

(the rail network, red dot for memphis)

to be fair, memphis road network system in the united states is not the best.michigan, chicago, kansas city, missouri, st.louis, the city's advantages are obvious.located in the south to central america, but memphis position is open, less snow in winter, this is good for flights.

and, more importantly, memphis city government's support for fedex, has played a decisive role.

in the 1920 s, south of downtown memphis has nearly 1200 mu of the airport, there just weren't enough aircraft take-off and landing, the carrying capacity of didn't play out.to attract the fedex, municipal authorities, expanding your old airport reserve land, low-interest loans and help fedex to 20 years.in memphis, investment promotion and capital introduction, fedex also attracted by friendly, both sides hit it off.in april 1973, fedex will the company moved to memphis.

due to the hub of memphis, fedex all below 70 kg parcel transit in memphis, was sent to the destination.just rely on connecting flights, memphis airport flight to undertake a large number of ups and downs, is busy at the moment.with the expansion of federal express, this become the logistics center.many courier company would move as for the freight hub.

after 9 • 11 in 2001, the industry was wounded, many large airports have appeared declining performance, memphis airport maintained a rapid growth.memphis airport today is america's largest shipping hub, is also one of the largest throughput cargo airport in the world(2017, memphis airport freight volume is 4.2 million tons, second only to hong kong's 4.4 million tons).and make it all, almost dependent on the fedex.

the federal express business accounts for more than 90% of the memphis airport freight, about a quarter of the area of the airport, are working in the fedex.the economic benefits of billions of dollars for memphis airport, billions of revenue, and more than 220000 jobs-only a population of 680000, considering the memphis this number means all, so to speak.in many american cities, are always closely linked with individual companies or person.such as seattle and boeing, detroit, and ford, the city and memphis, there is no doubt that belong to the federal express.

fedex plane in memphis airport

fedex bring logistics industry, not only for memphis is driving the rise of peripheral industries, such as medical, manufacturing and it.dell was live thousands of computer repair centers in the united states, the memphis airport after rise, dell has removed most of the maintenance center, to establish a centralized maintenance center in memphis, client computer crashed, all over the country by courier service directly to memphis, fixed directly back to the customer, this improves the efficiency and save cost.

many convenient e-commerce retailers to memphis airport logistics, establish operations center near the airport.so far, memphis has become one of america's largest medical equipment manufacturing center, computer service center in the united states, the united states of central and southern medical center.electricity companies, including flowers, gifts, they chose to build cold storage and distribution center in memphis.memphis airport have been built in the east of high and new technology industry base, it is west of the information communication, biological medicine industry gathering place, etc.

memphis took off from the 1970 s, into the 21st century, more show real staying power.express logistics is all sectors of the blood, it brings opportunity of development for a city is often restore did not think of.go back to china.which city has the potential to china?

in the past few years, many chinese cities are competing for china"logistics hub", typically in zhengzhou.on zhengzhou airport and foxconn industry base, one of henan industrial environment for change.however, is the size of china's logistics industry is so developed, has not formed the real logistics center.with competition from multiple central cities"memphis in china"position, such as xi 'an and wuhan.but from now, most likely to win, is a small city in eastern hubei:ezhou.

ezhou located in wuhan east more than 50 kilometers, is the smallest prefecture of hubei province.it is lack of the resident population of millions, urban population of less than 600000, can be four line small cities in china.however, read the ezhou under the larger pattern, it is superior location advantages, which made him have the potential to become"memphis in china".

(nighttime satellite image of china, red point is in the east of hubei province)

(china's population density figure)

look from geography, xi 'an and lanzhou is the geographical center of big cities in china.but look from economic center, but not so.chinese population distribution is different from the united states, presents the obvious east west more features less.in the eastern part of the bounded hu huanyong line, less than half of its land area, is inhabited by a population of about 95%.xi 'an and lanzhou obviously, it is not economic center.east of hubei province is the center of the china economic geography.in wuhan as the center, radiation within 1000 km radius of beijing-tianjin-hebei, yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the yangtze river middle reaches and chengdu-chongqing five urban agglomerations, flight is an hour and a half to.the location advantage is very obvious.

in 2014, the motion with the news of hubei province to build the airport, many cities are hungry.the high-level motion have a special liking to the east, invite experts to location.xiantao, ezhou, huanggang, xiaogan, wuhan and other places is possible.considering the construction of aviation logistics port need large demolition, to leave enough space for future development, the preliminary have a principle:the airport must be in the transportation is convenient, and to avoid the densely populated cities.

so, ezhou stand out.ezhou only 50 kilometers away from wuhan, can take advantage of wuhan industry, population advantage, share its traffic is very convenient.ezhou has a small population, there is no mature modern industry, both the government and people are all eager to motion airport construction, in order to solve the employment problem.in terms of demolition and construction, motion difficulties will be much smaller.

cargo airport went ezhou, what does this mean for the local?look at an overview of logistics, express industry in china, and the vision of motion.

since 2011, the rapid development of china's express industry.send 3.4 billion pieces of chinese express industry in 2011, after several years to keep more than 40% of high-speed growth.by 2015, the courier send already amounted to more than$250, more than the united states as the world's first.by 2017, the number at more than 40 billion pieces, and is expected to reach 2018 in 2018.express industry component of aviation freight volume is more and more heavy, has been more than 40%.

in the express industry, motion is the undisputed leading enterprises, it is always occupy the high-end industry, leading the industry development.since 2009, when the first cargo plane first, motion, the number of aircraft in successive years.at the end of 2017, also on taobao auction platform motion to buy the two planes, suddenly for 热谈.the number of its plane motion, did not go far enough.fedex's plane, as you know, the number of more than 600 aircraft, wear edges around the world.its less than one over ten of the fedex plane motion, its volume has increased dramatically.the foreseeable period, the demand for aircraft in motion will increase, ezhou airport will usher in rapid development.

the airlines plane motion

according to the planning, ezhou airport in 2021 will reach 1 million tons of cargo throughput, after north guangshen four big airport, one of the top five in the country.the airport is expected to create 200000 jobs and tax 20 billion yuan a year, 200 billion yuan of gdp.in contrast, ezhou only 73.001 billion yuan gdp in 2015.

at present, there have been many express logistics enterprises interested in, such as tnt china headquarters, and gravels logistics central region headquarters, will be moved to the ezhou.in the coming decades, suitable abundant cargo airport freight volume will reach 5 million tons per year, become and memphis airport, hong kong airport logistics hub.for four lines of millions of small town, the development opportunity, is undoubtedly the worst.

at present, ezhou around the airport industry has huge potential.according to the motion planning, once built airport, its surrounding the logistics park planning platform, biological medicine, cross-border electricity garden, nongyeyuan, electronic information, garden, etc., to build real freight based aviation logistics industrial heartland.motion is still in high-speed development, after the listing, the company's strategic layout will be bigger.at home, it not only in continue to consolidate the industry leading position, in the world, it will also grab the traditional fast giant's market share.

china is the world's largest production and consumption country, electrical contractor logistics industry is highly developed.in the chinese market as the center of east asia, the scale as both sides of the atlantic.ezhou as"super logistics hub", its size and influence will surpass the memphis, is worth looking forward to.

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