thousands per day kui letv than shareholders nightmare is over!some lesson everyone ought to know

i cut of meat, and become their prey.

that you regret today on the drop stop board cut meat?

no.200000 loss, and loss of 190000 200000, and no difference.anyway, today, i ended a nightmare for more than 1 year, dust to dust, dirt to dirts, depending on the nightmare end, continue to the next life.

you hate jia yueting?

before you hate, don't hate now.the joys and sorrows in capital markets, hate this kind of emotional expression, there is no meaning, if you want to hate, only hate myself too naive.

for those who want to overnight in the stock market investors, did you want to say?

to give up this kind of fantasy, professional to professional people to do.

this is the small make up(micro signal:nbdnews) and dialogue before a classmate, he is a shareholder qualifications is not deep.has always been very interested in the internet and technology, early in 2017, the"bottom"along with ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution networks.this morning, after a continuous drop stop after 11"one"word, le networks drop stop board finally opened, and straight back, once rose more than 9%.after drop stop board sell all chip in, he and the story of networks, an end.

however, networks share price is still beating, bottom of funds is still in the mad to accept the chip with a tear.

as the a-share market in recent years the most vicious wealth strangulation machine, from the highest value of 150 billion yuan, 20 billion yuan until now, le miniaturization:130 billion yuan for wealth.the tragedy of miniaturization:185000 shareholders, has come to play-looking back at the past bitter experience summary, can in the future when greed can harboured the alert.

le networks open board up

public funds expected, le networks's share price will fall to 3.91 yuan, the number has become many people bottom of the standard and hope.watched share prices closer to 3.91 yuan, many people have begun to layout in advance.yesterday(7 february), up to 822400 volumes, 396 million yuan transactions, is the signal.

really, today(february 8) in the morning, after lying on the drop stop board for 5 minutes, since then, open networks drop stop board, share prices soared, less than 10 minutes, deep set of people see the stranger's red.

5%, 6%, 7%,...with rhythm, the numbers increase, however, points, le networks or even reached 9.5%.

180000 people finally has been already saved!

25.40% of the turnover rate and turnover of 3.542 billion yuan, the volume of 7.677 million hand suggests that a large number of people in today's"success"to cut meat.

cut meat, and inevitably hurts...

a shareholder horse in the daily economic news, wrote in the letter, he in july 2016, with average of 50 yuan, have bought 20000 shares of joy.according to le networks last april 10 turn add 10 shares each calculation, as of yesterday, he has lost 800000 yuan.

let alone bought 2016 high, in the past only 11 drop stop board, the average people(minus ten big circulation shareholders) was negative$126700!

, does it hurt more than retail

in the face of networks, the pain is more than retail investors, institutions, and cattle could also not flee, even the ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution, also want to""original".

first said institutions and cattle.le networks open plate time is very interesting.

it is today, le networks have remove 213 million shares of restricted, accounting for 5.35% of the company's total equity.'s restricted stock release is in august, 2016, to participate in le miniaturization:a set of four investors:

fund was mailed in 42.65 million;

harvest fund 42.65 million shares;

wealth fund 78.2 million strands;

jian-ping zhang 49.76 million shares.

in august 2016, le networks non-public offerings shares, 106 million shares, issue price of 45.01 yuan/shares(after eliminating advantageous position is 22.5 yuan per share) and limited sales period for 12 months from the date of the new shares listed, total raised funds totaling 4.8 billion of yesterday, the four investors was negative for over 3.765 billion dollars in total.

is the savior of the letv ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution.

in january 2017, where a chinese subsidiary of jia farce hui xin to 35.39 yuan per share(after answer authority is 17.69 yuan per share), the price of the 6.041 billion total, le networks shares from the acquisition of jia yueting 170 million shares(right after 340 million shares).

in this calculation, as of yesterday, jia hui xin has negative for 4.375 billion.

image:visual china

under the same, with the eggs.from retail to major shareholders, the number of huge losses, all show the awesome power networks this meat grinder.

bottom, the smart money?

it is with the person, can make clear the gain and loss.le networks of 185000 shareholders is, unfortunately, they lost wealth, inspired more than 100 million other people what?

first, ensure that their heart is too greedy.from tulip bubble, in the 17th century to the early 21st century of the internet bubble, and then to letv"ecological bubbles", a few hundred years later, the color of the foam is still the same, the same shape.pursuit is to get rich quick attitude, let everybody see only the possible returns, but forget there is risk of such a thing, forget the eggs do not put in a basket"plain truth-whether it's old, every small make up(wechat id:nbdnews), will be happy networks as a radical change its level of financial"chosen", jia yueting is regarded as the disruptors, to change the world heavy warehouse into as a result, once a black swan, it is difficult to fit.

image:visual china

second, do not blindly follow.can be seen from the case of networks, the stock market not ever-victorious generals, the strong, such as ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution, professionals such as various agencies, rich people scattered jian-ping zhang like cattle, has failed to jump out the jia yueting dug a deep pit, one by one and blue.if it's just follow these people together to buy a ticket, not their own independent judgment, it is difficult to profit in the long run., of course, more to the point, for ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution, professional institutions, jian-ping zhang, they still have a huge stock of wealth, le networks is a part of the investment, a failure may be injured muscle but not necessarily bone, which is completely different from and ordinary retail.

in the end, the professional thing to professional people to do it.stock market make money hard, all professionals must also is unable to achieve 100% winning percentage, but there is no professional small scattered, apparently more sure.

networks open board, gave a lot of people like horse, cutting off the opportunity.but unfortunately, 25.40% of the turnover rate and turnover of 3.542 billion yuan, the volume of 7.677 million hand tells us that someone holding the mentality of"silly"bottom.

in stocks, with each small make up(micro signal:nbdnews) see, still someone shouted:

risks and seek riches and honor, to 5.28 yuan, die die!!!!should be low.

don't sell!the drive plate!future may return to 8 yuan

whole storehouse to advance to the quarterfinals, lost returned to working on

so much experience, people does not seem to have become smarter.

each by the editor lavinia chan du hengfeng

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