micro letter to update the ios version v interface finally relaxed

in micro letter mobile chinese news 】 【 on the use of the android mobile phone users often have little advantage in comparison to the iphone user, it is version updates faster, which means iphone users can often enjoy the micro letter early launch of new features.previously, wechat launched the android test version, then the ios version then launched a formal version, it is treated differently.today, wechat team made a update the ios version, version v6.6.3 officially launched.

look from the official update log, this update v6.6.2 version of the content and not so long ago were similar, in addition to the double account page switching, found the custom thereof, also enhanced the stability of the software to use and some bug fix, etc.

double account switching is easy to understand, for wechat id has two or more users, has the function of a key switch login, there is no need to cancel the login again.in addition in the"settings"-"general"-"found page management can customize the function entry is shown in"discovery".like small make up the page found basic user click on the circle of friends, only you can experience the more relaxed interface.

the ios version wechat last updated:

-collection of notes can be saved as image, share to friends.

new task bar-the main interface, the drop-down used small program can be found.

-new"look", can browse the hot spots of information and content of interest to you.

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