british people love chinese goods and japanese people still resist the strong sea brand from china

on february 6,"2018 china sea 50 of the most famous brand", most overseas customers known brand of china's top three in turn is lenovo, huawei and alibaba.

this"brandz top 50 chinese sea brand 2018"list, by wpp and kay millward brown(kantar) to google, seven countries around the world(the united states, britain, france, germany, spain, australia, japan) after nearly 400000 consumers surveyed, based on the google brand data and research model to calculate the"brand power".

2018 list of the top three, and last year's published"brandz china sea brand 30 strong"ranking, but the second huawei brand strength index, grew by 22% in just one year, is the highest in the top 50, let lenovo champion status in jeopardy.

huawei rapid momentum for the development of the sea, is closely connected with its spending on high-end the first half of 2017 huawei p series and mate series of high-end line growth rate of more than 100%, and became the annual only on top of forbes' global brand value list of chinese companies, made an impression on the overseas consumers.even now lenovo products are sold in more than 160 countries around the world, but its popularity seems to still rely on overseas acquisition of ibm's pc business in 2005, three years ago from the experiences of google acquisition motorola mobile company, its brand growth in 2018 was only 1%.

list of dark horse of this year is several large state-owned enterprises, such as the bank of china, china petrochemical, china unionpay, etc, and is mostly is the first time into the list.wpp, europe, middle east, africa and asia ceo david roth, said in the survey, chinese enterprises"sea"sense of mission is obvious, and even beyond their pursuit of business objectives the first half of 2017, bank of china's overseas business generated$4.56 billion in profits, is 22.29% of pre-tax profits.china's petrochemical industry in the process of expanding overseas market, there are 382 services team to provide a comprehensive range of support.

last year's top 30 list, there are eight brands of"brand"is on the back foot--four of them from mobile game category(elex, tap4fun, swim, palm boring technology), fell by 19% on average, two for the internet service category(long bond gomo fell by 38%, lower than the magic 3%).

kantar believes that mobile game brand after introducing popular game if anaemic, cannot continue to heat, brand awareness will appear sharply.but on the other hand, if they can under through releasing a popular game, can greatly improve the score, such as game developer and operator of igg"brand power"increased by 20% in 2018.while internet service brand face different challenges--they are attractive to foreign consumers as the world's media exposure.tencent in 31, in a lot of"unknown"domestic enterprises, mainly because the tencent's overseas business focused on the acquisition of or investment in foreign game company.

overseas customers in the eyes of the chinese brand look like?

in the survey, the researchers found that chinese enterprises in the international market has been off to upstream value, gradually from"made in china"to"created in china", but at the same time, many on the chinese sea brand still faces the survival predicament., for example, big jiang"brand power"are 11th in the list, but most of the drone consumers buy big jiang did not know it belong to the"china brand".

as a result, when overseas consumers asked"what do you think about chinese brands,"many people underestimate the"china brand"score, this is because their innovation ability of chinese brands are not fully understanding.

among them, the young people(aged 18 to 24) on the value of chinese brands than older people(55 years old and above) is more positive.second, chinese brand attitude in different countries of significant difference, the british consumers most positive perception of chinese brands, only 28% of respondents said"brand in china"label will weaken their purchase intention, and japanese consumers the most negative views, two-thirds of respondents said, know that will change their purchase intention.but in general, overseas customers positive comments on the chinese brand is gradually increase over time.

the study also found that when the question of"if the chinese think the brand as a person, what do you think it has a personality", overseas customers give most of the answer is"innovation"(in"innovation","different","interesting","intelligent"and"trustworthy"tab to choose).although this is good news, but it should be pointed out that, even answer innovators, and only 21% of proportion, which means that if you want to win the majority of consumer recognition of chinese brand innovation, brand merchants have a long way to go.

in addition, half of the respondents said china brand advertising appeal and"other countries"brand and indifference.

sea brand how to achieve better"brand power"?

"brand power"on behalf of consumers tend to choose a certain brand.kantar thinks, to promote the brand, there are three factors are the most important:

1.the"meaningful"-consumers see the brand has the affinity, or thinks it can meet your needs;

2.the"differentiation", the brand has different characteristics with other brands, or lead the market trend in the category.

3."outstanding"--the thought of buying a product category, a brand will naturally appear in consumer's mind.

these three points, different category of the brand to consumers to communicate information focus, and how to communicate and will be different.

if the list ranked 26th oppo, the brand communication, around"take expert", let the consumer feel"meaningful", brand benefit.shein(24) for the"high quality fast fashion"product positioning, its clothes designed by american and european designers, according to the strict quality standard are produced in china, the fast delivery, to achieve the"differentiation".for millions of fans of xinjiang uavs(11th), one of the best advertising way to fans on youtube a shot in the product video, let the consumer see in aerial images, think big xinjiang for unmanned aerial vehicle(uav).

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