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case analysis

view and wanda is most frustrated two companies in 2017, but the two companies finally presents different ending.le miniaturization:as of today has continuous drop stop, now is 4.82 yuan, if no accident jia yueting have been kicked out of the picture, it's hard to roll over.wanda is in the process of continuously self-help, thin body unceasingly, better process.why all this actually can also from jia yueting and wang jianlin deal with the crisis itself.

ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution in the melt and the medium-term performance of china's 2017 conference, letv and jia yueting letv's founder,"(letv did not get rid of the crisis), because the old jia is not determined, should be firmly the selling of selling, the cooperation of cooperation."but the old jia?lack of decisive give up courage in the face of crisis, which is mentioned today sunk costs, always can't bite the bullet brokeback survival, cross the rubicon, the final result of the financial institutions assets freeze and fall through.in contrast, wanda, as letv encountered in 2017, but the process of wanda is slowly getting better, especially in such a heavy assets, price adjustment, the adjustment of policy, and mr wang led the wanda group for chinese entrepreneurs in a textbook crisis case.

    <p>the crisis of wanda<br/></p>

of wanda group and wang jianlin, began in june 22, 2017,"shanghai pudong development bank, icbc, institutions such as information technology, ccb shanghai for its administrator clearance associated with dalian wanda bonds", on the day the rumours which wanda group"debt double play"in the capital market, wanda group wanda film market value of a-share listed companies thus shedding nearly hundred million yuan.on july 3, 2017, wanda film was forced to borrow assets reorganization wanda film in the name of an emergency suspension.

on july 17, the internet and heat transfer on the china banking regulatory commission(cbrc) verbally to the dalian wanda group co., ltd., six processing measures of overseas investment projects.is the main content,"wanda group six overseas investment project is the recent foreign investment strictly control field in our country, probes into six projects seriously, chinese financial institutions may not wanda has completed four overseas mergers and acquisitions delivery deal to provide financing services."the central government turned suddenly on overseas investment policy, let wang jianlin felt unprecedented pressure.

on august 18, the state council general office forward again"about further guide and standardize the guidance of foreign investment direction, limit real estate, hotels, studios, entertainment, sports clubs, such as overseas investment, and these areas are precisely wanda group in recent years the focus of the overseas investment, guidance for wanda group almost tailored.

in september, and the foreign media reported"wang jianlin was restricted exit"rumours that mr wang and wanda further rose to a climax.

    <p>wang jianlin of textbook save</p>

in the face of government investment overseas wind suddenly turned, at any time will be a run on the crisis caused by bank cut lending, assuming that mr wang's lack of a strong man duanwan courage, will repeat letv today's fate, appear assets have been frozen have led to the collapse of the whole ecological, particularly in the real estate enterprise high debt, bank loan broken is the last straw.wanda mass sale of domestic assets need to do is to repatriate funds, lower their leverage.but in the face of his once promising industry or heavy gold investment assets, want to cut meat for sale not ordinary people can bear.but mr wang do, cut the meat, without hesitation.

    <p>sale 1:on july 19, 2017, wanda group, wanda commercial first and be in harmony and china signed a deal, r&f as high as 63.75 billion yuan of total agreement.wanda, tour city with wanda five-star hotel project although poured wang jianlin years of effort, but in the face of crisis, he may have had, but without hesitation.</p><p>sale"18 years on january 29, tencent holdings(hereinafter referred to as the"tencent") as the main sponsors, suning, jingdong and harmony and, with the investment agreement signed in beijing wanda commercial strategy, announced the investment about 34 billion yuan, the acquisition of wanda commercial hong kong h shares delisted introduced investors hold about 14% of the shares.</p><p>sell 3:on february 5, 2018, alibaba group(hereinafter referred to as"alibaba"), investment holding co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"investment holdings") and wanda group signed a strategic investment in beijing agreement, alibaba, investment holdings will be 51.96 yuan per share acquisition of wanda group holds 12.77% stake in the wanda cinema.</p>

so far wang jianlin internally stable group of various business and stable operation, and employee morale of foreign determination to seek strategic partners, billions of money by selling assets cage, not only good to resolve the risk of foreclosure, also solved the wanda commercial h shares the privatisation of the bet against the crisis, by the way to ali, tencent, suning, jingdong and integrating the chinese the most luxurious business corporation as a strategic investor.wanda is becoming more and more good, in contrast, letv is difficult to take off again, need to have the courage to give up in the face of crisis, a strong man duanwan courage, ability is likely to turn things around.


looks like these is far away from us, these are business leaders, and we have no the masses?actually otherwise, all this translating into a thinking is sunk costs, we will always stubbornly entangled with the past, in which cannot extricate oneself.people are not always so rational, when making decisions always affected by the cost of happened in the past, economics will this has occurred and cannot be brought back into called"sunk costs".for most people, there is a curse can never be around four word, that is"to have".only you"came to"buy, you will not cheap tickets, to break through a sea of people, all impressive attractions;only you"to all", you will force yourself to eat the dish that the food to swallow;only you"came to"convince yourself, you will insist on watching the movie make you sleepy.

sometimes we always struggling with it in the past, the lack of a kind of escape from the courage, the lack of a dare to give up a lot of things, always push yourself to a dead end, unable to escape.in life are all more or less, difficulties always involuntarily to complain to blame others, forget the key now is to find a solution.people are always in the choice or escape process, always live in all kinds of the shackles of their own idea, always live in accordance with the intentions of others, the lack of free, strong men duanwan, dares to give up the courage, like"really good people, mostly not fit in with the"i said look, people are always in deliberately alienated, the lack of a kind of courage to get good yourself.

everyone is going to learn to strong men duanwan, sometimes will only grow, just because you have the courage to give up most people never give up, for example:useless, social habits, the other people's ears, dare to be yourself to living a different life, always is twisted in these live in indulging in the past glory days, then you all your life.

discussion:have you ever give up what is the most important eves?

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