fast sowing founder after prison wang xin will be appeared for the first time with ai video chatting yao jinbo block chain


fast data figure founder visual wang xin is china

served three years after six months in prison, on february 7, 2018, sowing founder from wang xin will be soon.

on february 7th night, xiao peng car founder xiao-peng he on weibo drying out and photograph, wang xin will be"very happy today brother wang xin is the return of the body is very good, very mind, together with everybody cheerfully discussed ai, video, chain blocks, such as the development of technology, also hear a lot of secrets and memories, firmly believe in the near future, in the river's lake will be a master of a legendary king."

xiao-peng he basked in the photo, in addition, wang xin is also ceo li3 xue2 ling2 and 58 city ceo yao jinbo together era.and compared to before prison, wang xin will be thin.

xiao-peng he basked and photo wang xin is

this is the first time after prison wang xin will be appeared in front of the public.

after three years in jail, was born in 1980 is wang xin will be 38 years old, still is to continue to make a career of great age.

and the development of the internet on the river's lake, fast seeding is unable to erase the memory of a.

was born in 1980, wang xin will be graduated from nanjing university of posts and telecommunications, start a business from 1999, had hired a grand to do research and development of"big box", 2007, 27, founded by wang xin will be fast.

fast seeding is software technology, but not now video content platform, and then the video website industry development is still in the early stage, such as copyright consciousness has not completely established in industry rules, although sowing in 2011 quickly accumulated hundreds of millions of users, but related to pornography, such as copyright infringement dispute has been accompanied by the development of the fast sowing.

fast turning point occurred in november 2013, beijing haidian district council made optic technology co., beijing quickly seized four company hosting server, in the above three servers to extract file identification showed that part of the video are thought to belong to pornographic video.

on weibo name is wang xin will be"quick blacksmith king", in 2013, often share of products and industry dynamic thinking and life, and finally a tweet is on april 18, 2014,"ah!what a pain comprehension, have you is my all, i just come back each step of the road, all good lonely."said wang xin will be.

in april 2014, according to the public to report, the beijing municipal public security department of shenzhen broadcast company online a bawdy pornography information transmission case to carry on the investigation, and arrest of suspects.did not appear in this time, wang xin will be captured, but began a 110-day stranded outside life.

a month later, the shenzhen market supervision and administration of fast broadcast on 260 million yuan fine, fast sowing operations pendulum stops completely.

in august 2014, the national"against pornography and illegal publications"office said in a news release, shenzhen information technology co., ltd online spread bawdy pornography information in major criminal suspects, fast information company as a legal person and general manager, wang xin will be outside fled was caught after 110 days, the international judicial cooperation channels by relevant national handed over to the chinese police.on february 6, 2015, according to the beijing haidian district people's procuratorate official weibo message, ceo of shenzhen fast information technology co., ltd., wang xin will be wu ming waiting for allegedly spread pornographic materials crime has been to prosecute haidian district people's procuratorate of making a profit.

in january 2016, haidian court case, fast in the trial, shouted out technology wang xin is innocent.these words caused quite a stir, on the one hand, as many technical geek classic in the heart, on the one hand and was criticized by some mainstream sound.

on september 13, 2016, beijing haidian district court on the defendant units shenzhen fast information technology co., ltd., the defendant, wu ming, zhang kedong, wang xin will be niuwenju allegedly spread pornographic materials crime case of making a profit for public sentenced to three years and six months wang xin is fast company sentenced to a fine of ten million yuan.

after the first instance verdict, wu ming appeal.on december 15, 2016, the beijing no 1 intermediate court second trial rule to reject the appeal and upheld.

from was caught on august 8, 2014 to february 7, 2017, out of jail, in this rapidly developing age of wang xin will be absent for three and a half years, the river lake is no longer a fast savage growth when the rebellious era, video website gradually become tencent, love, art and youku, fast sowing in 2014 trying to transform the original content platform, has been the three giants.

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