fast sowing founder has released his wife had said wang xin will be thrive

on february 7, according to media reports, the founder of fast sowing in wang xin will be released this afternoon.

according to public information, fast information was established in 2007, this is the second time wang xin is working, he will own entrepreneurial direction for developing a video player software, and eventually its chinese name would be a"quick".

fast broadcast has been praised as"otaku artifact", in september 2012,"broadcast"total installed capacity of more than 300 million, only 500 million at a time when the number of chinese internet 2014 in le jia yueting joint companies, will quickly pushed off the valley, fast sowing founder also wang xin will be jailed.

let's review the current trial during the wonderful sayings also become the focus of discussion, review the trial transcript wang xin will be wonderful.

remember he had once said that"in the circle of friends if one day i become a rascal, please tell others i once innocent, while in prison, has been reading the latest internet magazine, wang xin is gathering strength in his heart has been ready to stage a comeback!

on november 20, 2017, his wife had detonated said:thank you for another year, finally is going to come out to thrive the husband is waiting for you!

this message have been removed, is wang xin is now out of jail, he was more than 30 years old, if he now business again, will you support him?

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