ten thousand people have collected alipay wufu this speed?netizens tricks up knowledge

the third year of alipay set wufu activity officially began on february 6, there are 1.8 million people today collected the wufu, wait until february 15th, but separate awards.the time of day, how did they do?not is say good only swept into two blessing cards every day, a friend of mine said to me, don't keep everyone, you should sweep ma wave images.

the original pay treasure to sweep the rules this year added a"position", make a friend than a"five blessings"gestures can sweep out the card.ar flicking any everyone or through paying treasure friends"five blessings"gestures

think just launched in 2016, set 5 f activity, everyone cry everywhere, wufu dedication f everyone said set of less than, and this year in the beginning there were so many people set, seems to have more sincerity this year than last year.more netizens said:the first sweep out is dedication.

in addition to wufu is better than last year, and the red envelope is also bigger than last year this year, last year's alipay wufu has sent a total of 200 million red envelopes, set jiwufu friends in most of the day is around 1 to 2 dollars, total feel too little!but in happy is more important, and how much more than in 2016,"fu"frank quite a bit.this year's 500 million red envelopes, everyone refueling...

more on february 8th, collect golden eggs in the ant farm, on february 11, to participate in the activities of ants forest water(either friends or a tree), or can be transferred between friends blessing cards, send blessings.alipay diamond members will also enjoy only three universal and can be used for any of the alternative wufu everyone, and also can turn to friends relatives

think that set speed, on february 15th night"how many friends set up all the blessing, friends and get many red envelopes in the new year!happy is the most important, everybody happy new year!

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