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1, fast information yesterday afternoon wang xin is out of jail

, according to people familiar with the fast sowing founder has wang xin will be out of prison yesterday.on january 7, 2016, the fast sowing adultury and haidian court case in the trial practice of the live webcast, fast spread pornographic materials for profit sin, sentenced to a fine of rmb ten million yuan;the defendant commits a crime spread pornographic materials for profit, wang xin will be sentenced to three years and six months fine one million yuan.

from wang xin will be first appearances:with yao jinbo xiao-peng he'll interview ai block chain

on february 7th evening news, xiao peng chairman xiao-peng he tweeting, according to the special happy today brother wang xin is the return of the body is very good, very mind and everybody together, and discussed the ai cheerfully, video, and block the development of technology, such as chain also hear a lot of secrets and memories, firmly believe in the near future, in the river's lake will be masters of the next period of the legend of king.

2, meituan response led the worship e round:no it

the day, the media reported that the worship of e round is nearing an end, the current by meituan collar, multiple old shareholders and the management and the this, meituan responded that don't have it.

no.3, micro letter public can modify the wrong character

last night, micro letter online public, according to published articles to modify wrong character function, but can only modify the five words, title cannot be modified, and can only be modified once an article.outer cover pictured above, and the graphic options(such as the original, message, etc.) of short duration does not support addition, the text as long as it is belong to should not modify the contents of the paper.

4, letv also money!"hunting ground"produced 155 million payment receipt le miniaturization:

on the evening of february 6, a new three board company green rain media announcement, the company and its wholly owned subsidiary in yining green into media has received information technology and networks, tibet enjoyed miniaturization:tianjin le networks information technology agreement money 155 million yuan, accounting for 87.29% of the total amount of the relevant agreements.according to incomplete statistics, the daily economic news reporters in addition to the money just received le miniaturization:green rain outside media, film and television ciwen media, co-sponsored by the film and television of the listed company le networks have received reimbursement.

5, le miniaturization:a new announcement:the first phase of the employee stock ownership plan early termination

on feb.7 news, le networks announcement, according to the first phase of the early termination of employee stock ownership plan.le networks, according to the company and the employee stock ownership plan manager confirmed that crc deep international trust&investment this involved a total of 21907082 shares of the listed company assets, 0.5491% at present, the company total capital the same time, le networks also, according to the announcement is scheduled for february 23 in beijing fangshan district lai treasure way shidu yunze world geological park hill international convention center extraordinary shareholders' general meeting for the first time in 2018.

6, pay treasure wealth tenpay cross-border payments, respectively, was fined 600000 yuan

according to the journal of the china foreign exchange, alipay service business scope for foreign exchange payments for cross-border problems, cross-border services for foreign exchange payments for reporting balance of payments statistics problem, be fined 600000 tenpay(wechat payments) for failing to the relevant authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions, submit the abnormal risk report and other data to deal with cross-border foreign exchange to pay for a non-resident business did not do for the record, and be fined 600000 yuan.

7,"e rent treasure"case by case execution:repel of assets in the pipelines

the beijing first intermediate people's court, on february 7, 2018, the beijing municipal first intermediate people's court on the defendant units already cheng holding group in anhui, her sincere international holding group co., ltd., the defendant ding, ding dian, zhang min 26 people make fund-raising fraud, crime of illegal absorb public deposits, the crime of smuggling precious metals, cross the border, the crime of illegal holding guns a case file execution.

8, easy to announce:during the spring festival will be held in five tourist city from owners commission

the spring festival is coming, network about cars have also been welcomed by netizens, easy way again announced to owner side commission adjustment, in nantong, huangshan, leshan, zhenjiang, xishuangbanna five cities such as adjust the commission owners commission is the same time, easy to said it would cut into the spring festival golden week travel market, launched six domestic travel, travel during the spring festival travel service.

according to the announcement, the above five cities is easy to owner in up to february 28 february 6, to complete all the orders, during a free commission benefits can be obtained.the free commission policy is easy to cover all models.

9, and a shared cycling business failures 1 bike announced a service

on february 7, shared bicycle enterprise 1 car said in a statement, due to company business direction changes, from now on no.1 bicycle to shut down.after shutdown, 1 bike belongs to vehicle can not be used, users can will pay the deposit payment vouchers wechat submitted to wechat public account, staff after receiving the information verified can return the deposit, return the time for the submitted information should be completed within 3 working days.according to public information, 1 bike in august 2017, put into running distance shipments only half a year.

10, tesla a net loss of$675 million in the fourth quarter expanded 458% year-on-year

tesla(nasdaq:tsla) today issued as of december 31 and annual earnings in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017.results show that calculated by the general accounting principles(gaap), tesla's total revenue in the fourth quarter was$3.288 billion,$2.285 billion increased by 44% from a year earlier;net loss attributable to common shareholders tesla was$675 million, a net loss of$121 million to expand 458% from a year earlier.

express speed know

lei jun announced millet new target:10 quarters to return to the domestic market first

samsung electronics announced a second home in seoul fab

drops with 12 car manufacturers cooperation new energy sharing auto service

the wechat private new features:two-way delete, voice can drag the progress bar, etc.

suitable abundant speed luck:during the spring festival will be customer demand for temporary charge resources adjustment

chinese in america's richest man, patrick soon-shiong$500 million deal to buy the los angeles times

on february 7, according to foreign media reports, according to a person familiar with the matter, the parent of the los angeles times tronc inc., a senior ongoing talks, to the los angeles times of its troubled flagship newspaper to sell for about$500 million to the chinese in america's richest man, biotechnology investors patrick soon-shiong(patrick soon-shiong).

stocks rebound bezos$4.2 billion worth of$119.8 billion

on february 7, according to foreign media reports, was plunged monday u.s.stocks rebounded on tuesday, apple, google, parent alphabet, and many other technology companies share prices have rebounded, in which electricity giant amazon also, its founder jeff bezos(jeff bezos) worth so also rose by$4.2 billion, personal net worth has reached$119.8 billion.

gather beauty is superior to respond to suspected of selling fake goods:supply formal will cooperate

a pair for 2017"double 11"gather beauty is superior suspected counterfeit sales estee lauder's lip repair muscle through essence dew events to report.get together at that time said in a statement, the optimal former beauty is superior speed duty-free sales of goods, the supply of goods from overseas formal channels, and through the chinese customs department heguojian departments of quality inspection, will enter the domestic market sales.le miniaturization:

the eleventh drop stop, exceeds 300 million yuan capital enter bottom

happy opening to continue a miniaturization:6 words drop stop, after 11 consecutive drop stop board.but intraday volume significantly, more than 300 million bottom of funds, as of ye that points, 2.4% changed hands, but drop stop board seal single hand still has some 4.83 million(price of about 2 billion yuan).

beijing this year will push pilot 5 g network across the country in 2020 is expected to large-scale commercial

recently learned from city via letter appoint that people are drawn to 5 g, beijing has begun to test working, will be tested this year to try., according to a report by 2020, beijing will be realizing a complete coverage of 4 g networks, the park park in beijing, beijing city center, 2019, beijing's new airport, such as the 2022 winter olympics venues in 5 g network commercial demonstration.nationally, expected by the end of this year, 5 g industry chain link mainly commercial level will be reached.

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