million!buy stop geely is expected to become the first big shareholder daimler

according to german media bild newspaper sunday edition on february 4, according to the report, plans to buy daimler ag, and to become daimler's largest shareholder.currently hold most daimler ag is the gulf state of kuwait national fund, stake of 6.8%.calculated according to daimler currently total market capitalization of about$90 billion, will take at least more than$60(about 38 billion), to become the first big shareholder.

according to the report, and daimler dieter zetsche, chairman of the board of directors of(dieter zetsche) have been met.the chinese investors hope against alliance daimler, constantly"cross-border intrusion"internet giant of the auto industry, such as apple, google, etc.a daimler management personnel said:"a strong partner will help us in the fight."while daimler group official said:"we welcome each to the enterprise has the long-term interest of shareholders."

my wish is to buy a daimler, and li wish is to buy a whole daimler

it is exaggerated to say so.but from the perspective of the a list of actions of li, li really is very obsession with daimler shares, had said geely wants when daimler selling new shares at a discount to buy between 3% and 5% of the company, but was turned down by the daimler, because do not wish to existing stake diluted, but said geely can from the secondary market to buy stocks.

"the secondary market to buy"the proposal li also accepted, foreign media said, through the way of from the secondary market, geely's acquisition of daimler's stake has nearly finished, or completed after the spring festival.

now came and daimler takeover of wind, daimler will loose this mouth, giovanni cobolli gigli has become the third largest shareholder and the first big shareholder is not much of a problem.

maybe, daimler, the iceberg is geely also slowly melted?acquisition of daimler, geely is to want to do instead?

in the wine inebriate meaning or weng

geely bought daimler shares for investment is one reason, of course.

recently, in stuttgart, daimler group headquarters issued a 2017 financial condition, daimler group 2017 annual pre-tax profit of 14.7 billion euros(12.9 billion euro) in 2016, significantly higher than last year's level.hit a record high, at the same time, the net profit of 10.9 billion euros(8.8 billion euro) in 2016.eps to 9.84 euros(7.97 euro) in 2016.daimler plans, share out bonus is 3.65 euros per share this year, more than 2017 years there's been a great increase in 3.25 euros, and the total amount of dividends also set a record, 3.9 billion euros(3.5 billion euro) in 2016.

but if you just want to make money, geely as long as from the secondary market to buy shares, constantly visible not only that the purpose of geely.

the news that geely to joint venture with daimler cooperation founded the electric car company, or the reasons behind the contribute to the the backdrop of the"double integral"policy, foreign car companies and local car companies set up new energy joint venture company is a trend, bmw mini looking for the great wall, daimler in hand geely is possible.and, according to the policy, the new electric car joint venture can be any joint venture, under the background of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, daimler and geely according to their own development needs, adjust the proportion of joint venture set up electric vehicle joint venture is also possible.

daimler refused geely's direct purchase request before, but at the same time have welcomed the geely in the secondary capital market share for daimler, now let go welcome new shareholders, geely and daimler products and strategic layout demands on both sides.

geely perhaps took a fancy to daimler's electric car and battery technology, although already owns volvo, but volvo in pure electric performance is not outstanding.

daimler aspect is more want to look for a stronger strength of partners.

at present, daimler partners in electric vehicles in china mainly is byd, the cooperation launched a high-end pure electric car brand potential, but the brand on the market performance is not satisfactory.

in july 2017, daimler, which has a new framework agreement signed with beijing automotive group, the two sides will jointly invested 5 billion yuan, establishing production base of pure electric vehicles in beijing benz and power battery factory, the production of mercedes-benz brand of pure electric vehicle products.baic active change forward the enthusiasm, the brand influence and channels are not let daimler have enough confidence, looking for new partners is also understandable.

maybe one day, i can open on geely-mercedes-benz.

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