jack ma and ma competing with what the rings home into a beacon

sea of large-scale retail enterprises recently became a beacon, first wisdom with ali in 2017 after a double tenth store cooperation, but again in the near future for tencent camps:tencent, the home of nearly 2.5 billion yuan to buy into the billow, a 5.31% stake, at the same time, the two sides to jointly set up 10 billion yuan of industrial investment fund.

the menswear retail enterprises has become a focus of attention of science and technology and capital circle and tencent why ali two giant will focus on the business, home of tencent in sea billow of capital cooperation will focus on the cooperation of more than 5000 stores?

with these problems, we turn to the home of sea rings and belong to men's clothing retail industry related data of several companies, trying to find answers to these questions.

sea rings home how from men's clothing market completely?

as of june 2017, the rings of a total of 5491 stores, it is also about the understanding of the main sea billow's home.

but the truth is not so simple.

the rings for a family of offline expansion uses is the proprietary"model, namely to join party bear the cost such as location and decoration, then transfer the stores to the home of rings is responsible for the sea, the latter to the former output and management of supply chain system, stores and even on the joined the party without power.

join the compared with the traditional model, which not only realizes the rapid expansion of low-cost, more important is because the group responsible for store management directly, without dilution to expand under the premise of service and word of mouth.

we compared the nine king of animal husbandry, youngor, red bean and other men's wear brand operating data, found the gorgeous home mode has obvious advantages.

(the above data are from all sides in the first half of 2017 earnings)

the number of rings of stores is more than twice the nine shepherd king, but the revenue is more than 8 times of the latter.although sea rings of single stores up to 196 square, is nine king 2 times more than 89 square, but even so, the revenue of large-scale stores is still considerable, than their peers, sea rings for a family of stores ping is a big advantage.

the rings of the proprietary"model in the group will be to direct management of stores, this will also increase a certain operating costs that are directly reflected in the gross profit margin.

in the gross profit margin on the performance of the sea king as the rings are lower than younger and nine animal husbandry.and red bean shares profit margins at the bottom, also can confirm the basic principles of men's clothing industry profit:for large scale and brand, red bean shares in this disadvantage clearly, the market bargaining power is low, low price is one of the important means to gain market.

the model is also reflected in management fees, to the family of management fees of the sea"in the first half of 2017, 473 million, nine animal husbandry is the same period 083 million more than 8 times, wang stores only is more than twice.

based on this, we are sea rings of basic had relatively clear understanding of proprietary patterns, do help to expand, and improve brand premium by unified service ability.this also has become the focus of the industry, youngor is said to increase in earnings in the first half of 2017 class self-management model of investment, even when the model is not blossom just shout out to transfer the slogan of the self-management model, more disclosure in earnings income accounts for over 90% than retail channels.

although join the traditional model is easy to expand, lighter, and inventory pressure can be passed on to dealer, but as a result of services are not standardized, especially in the era of new pursues comprehensive integration of online retail, the disadvantages of the model has more.

home of tencent in sea billow of motivation is what?

large compared to the electricity business women's clothing, men's wear line has only just begun, according to the results from the first half of 2017, we compiled the following enterprises than the situation of electricity.

men's clothing of electricity just in its infancy, tencent in men's wear brand are to be in place would bet a horse industry development, is advantageous to the later work.

why investment and industry fund, in the home of rings bet big on me, or for other reasons.

we read in nine animal husbandry king earnings in the first half of 2017, under the following questions.

unlike past our cognition, online sales gross profit margin is lower than offline, and 65.23% of independents differs very big.

we also consulting the relevant personage inside course of study, found the problem is the core:online, joining with proprietary not same price system.in other words, in nine animal husbandry in the cognition of the king, online main task is given priority to with discount to inventory, the new quality products tend to focus on the proprietary stores system.

the question of how key returned to see the old problem of electricity, although before this electric business platform has been calling for online with the same price to sell, but completely responder is always a few, the problem is this:if the completely with online sales, will hit the enthusiasm of offline store, now online are small in scale, brand party does not have enough confidence to be able to balance the contradiction between two channels.

nine animal husbandry king is suppressed for electricity basic attitude, which of course can't is the goal of tencent.

so, in the new retail competition, to store enough control of brand will be the absolute main force, the so-called online order, shipment by franchisees stores is not allowed, even franchisees for the pursuit of their own interests, will be online fusion.

under this theory, we can put the industry in the most basic brand square block in new retail camp.

the sea home of rings in this superiority is quite obvious, before that, it has been active online, go to the store delivery attempt, in the store has the absolute control of personnel and service standards under the premise of the o2o erp system is easy to implement within the system, as of the first half of 2017, an online blend of stores has reached more than 1000.

ali to pursue wisdom sea billow in stores, home of tencent through sea billow plotting to retail the big picture, the core is not the internet how to assign to the traditional retail, but retail whether has the fusion gene and conditions, the home of rings is obviously have.

analysis at this point, our basic to tencent in sea rings home had a relatively clear understanding, but about 10 billion yuan of industrial investment fund how to run our future is unknown.sea is the home of rings in the upstream industry does not have too much resources, its relationship with the suppliers to stay in the"supply", the home of basic not sea"design, production of clothes, but rather is suppliers to choose, select after signing a contract, the advantage is that do not meet with production, money and energy on offline, faults, of course, is also very obvious, the home of rings to now also is only"the man's chest", did not have the design of the core advantage.

as for the family of tencent is it will help the billow into industry upstream, make up the short board, we can't rush to conclusions yet, but it is possible.

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