wang jianlin, one hundred million yuan sell shares wanda film nine point parsing wanda selling selling logic

tencent joint melts, jingdong, suning to buy a 14% stake, wanda commercial ali father seems to sit still.

on february 5th, wanda cinema release announcement, its controlling shareholder, wanda wanda film 12.77% held by the investment stock transfer, the buyer is"ali"company respectively by bush investment(buy 7.66%, 90 million shares) and investment holding(buy 5.11%, 60 million shares).the wanda film$51.96 per share for sale,"mr investment and investment holding companies investment 4.68 billion yuan, 3.12 billion yuan respectively, become the second and the third largest shareholder wanda film.

from wanda film renamed after restructuring last year, mr wang started the"selling"logic:first sell 13 text brigade of wanda commercial projects and 76 hotels to melt, and then introducing wanda commercial stake in tencent, gen, su ning, jingdong, such as internet electricity company, then this film and television field in wanda film introduced alibaba system and investment holding company.

is wanda business washed-up, wang jianlin was in urgent need of money, or the former richest man in the other happens?

in less than a year, wanda sold 104.97 billion yuan assets

in 2016, wanda open strategy is"buy buy".in 2017, overseas investment restrictions policy open, wanda's overseas investment plans are shattered, everyone is curious, how did wang will open next plan.

and sure enough, a hand was shocked by the industry.always considered"buy buy"rich wayward wanda opened up the road of"selling".

on july 10, 2017, 13 text brigade project of wanda commercial's 91% stake to melt and china, price 29.575 billion yuan, and assumes the project loans on to melt.76 hotel project and at the same time, wanda commercial package sold in harmony and, along with all the costs 33.595 billion yuan.the deal, wanda commercial sold a total of 63.17 billion yuan of assets.

at that time, mr wang said in an interview with caixin, sell wanda commercial travel and hotel projects, main is to realize the light capitalization operation, in order to reduce the wanda commercial liabilities.all the huge recycling funds have also been used for payment and used to repay owe a bank loan.

wang jianlin is also well realize the wanda capital flow problems, in this regard letv and jia yueting worth operation, and both shots are ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution and melting and china.nowadays, wanda by"selling"continues to run, letv storm has several"holes","white knight"ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution will not save.

the sell assets are sold, over the past six months, the state is open again"sell shares"plan.

on january 29, tencent as the main sponsors, joint suning, jingdong, melts the investment agreement signed with wanda commercial strategy, plans to invest 34 billion yuan, the acquisition of wanda commercial hong kong-listed h-shares delisting of investors hold a 14% stake.

the chief entertainment officer(id:yuleguan001) published before the 34 billion! tencent led, melting, jingdong, suning rare, who is the biggest beneficiaries in wanda?"mentioned, in september 2016, when wanda commercial city from the hkex, has signed an agreement with private investors, wanda commercial guarantee refund liang years to complete the a-share listed, private investors shall have the right to require the wanda group to buy back, also pay interest of 8%~ 10%.

before wanda selling travel and hotel projects, walk"light asset-like"for wanda commercial"back to a"escort.the, wanda commercial by introducing tencent, suning, jingdong, melting and electricity companies, such as internet reasonably resolve the repurchase shares delisted funding crisis, also introduced the new investors.

less than a week, on february 5th, mr wang decided to"sell shares"again, this time will hold 12.77% of the shares are sold to alibaba company by bush investment and investment holding.

wanda film before sale, wanda investment holding wanda film 58.36% stake, the actual control of man-made wang jianlin wanda investment(holding 98% stake), the remaining 2% stake holders for the son of mr wang sicong.

wanda film after sold a 12.77% stake, wanda investment still holding wanda film 45.59% stake, mr wang himself owns 48.09%.

the two companies of the deal:

1, article for holding for last year's culture of listed companies, main business includes investment, film and television production and distribution, the multiplex operation management, culture and entertainment brokerage and game development and operation, etc.

article last year for investment holdings of the controlling shareholder, for cast holding 20.35% of the shares issued, was founded in 2014, on august 1, registered capital of 1.21 billion yuan.

article holding 3.12 billion yuan to buy wanda film 5.11% stake, becoming wanda film's third largest shareholder.both sides will be joining, movies in theaters before advertising, film investment, theater equipment management operations, offline live entertainment, industrial equity investment business to carry out all-round cooperation.

2,"investment is closely related with alibaba group, belong to"ali"company.the paid 4.68 billion yuan for wanda film 7.66% stake, and alibaba group is necessarily to become the second largest shareholder at wanda cinema.

after the deal, wanda film will use ali in the rich resources of cultural industry, the two sides in the film, film investment online ticketing platform marketing, advertising, derivatives, etc, to carry out all-round cooperation.

wanda group, said the shares transferred wanda film is mainly introduced for wanda film has the strategic value of the shareholders, not simply drained, believe that the two strategic investors and complementary effect between wanda film, the wanda movie is good for a long time.

surrounded by internet electricity?nine point analytical wang jianlin"selling"logic

previously advocated industrial salvation, and before wanda also opened up the wanda travelocity such brigades town project, once wanda's hotels make a block booking propaganda"god pistol load over the gunners, let sicong friend lin update is really touched.

sell these assets, many people feel sorry.

wanda commercial introduced tencent, suning, jingdong, melting and internet electricity company, wanda film again introduced ali, cast new shareholders holding, etc.from gen, tencent, suning, jingdong to ali, investment holding, in many people's eyes, think of the present wang jianlin and wanda is surrounded by"all around", but like wanda film's position in the announcement, the introduction of new strategic investors, may be mr wang is a big move.

the well-known cultural investors to the chief entertainment officer thomas cao analyzes wang jianlin"selling"the nine commercial logic behind.

1, the cultural creativity to entertainment group company, is a kind of inevitable trend.

in 2014, thomas cao in an interview with the chief entertainment officer, will emphasize this hollywood six big companies, the present china's cultural industry, cultural creative company, engaged in cinemas, film and television creation issue or game development, the development of the future will form a complex entertainment group.over the past four years, as the current numerous cultural companies in china are the trend of the development of the integrated companies, have proved it.

2, capital ecosystem, the focus of the future.

every company basic ecosystem pressure, if the fight alone, it is hard to play.through the introduction of shareholders, let it become a capital ecological, through upstream and downstream of the integration of the elements in an industry resources.such as wanda cinemas, but it lacks its own high-quality content, lack of ali is rich in cultural resources."signed a strategic agreement is now weak, let it become shareholders, established a solid capital ecosystem."

3, make your own team, acquisition and integration of the company.

ye ning after leaving in 2016, wanda also realized that his"a team"is not very stable, raising up time-consuming, also be at the risk of poaching at any ning walked, this trend is very obvious, wanda integration mainly through acquisitions content companies to the team.wanda now work with ali, tencent, is also in the integration of excellent team and content resources.

4, in the electricity and internet sector has failed

in 2014, mr wang and ma, li had to set up the"make millions"the electricity company, wanda has a 70% stake, in 2016, teng millions have completely.when wanda electric's"fly"in a statement:due to the comprehensive factors, three parties did not realize the investment cooperation, fully funded by wanda, tencent and baidu has not any investment in also confirms thomas cao said, as the introduction of shareholders signed a strategic agreement, form the capital ecosystem to reliable.when wanda acquisition of optical network, also failed to break into the"bat"pattern, instead, jingdong gradually become new incoming internet.

5, secondary market downturn, tencent in wanda low.

wanda cinema has the highest value in one hundred billion yuan of above, the current market value of around 60 billion the secondary market downturn, tencent, suning, jingdong these internet companies at this time to buy shares in the wanda, have very good price advantage.

6, the internet and industry is complementary, but the rich, the company can dominate industry of ecological layout is reasonable.

internet and industry is the fish and water relations, who also cannot leave the the internet and integrate the industrial company, boehner boss in winter has published regrets, content companies working for the internet.thomas cao thinks,"is not internet companies dominating the industry, but rich companies dominate industry."relatively speaking, the film and television of the internet and real estate company profit project to do not do to fast, which is expressed by the internet and real estate company control industry, but also is not all rich industry can play in the industry, the rich need the rationalization of ecological layout, meet these two points, then dominate industry.

7, wanda capital operation will be more than industry.

do industry was born in china, entrepreneurship is the hardest.wanda industrial background, wang jianlin was supposed to do now but wanda's text brigade and hotel projects such as industrial assets are sold,"asset-like light", the holding company direction development.after thomas cao prediction, wanda cashed out, the next step on the capital operation is much higher than that of industrial operation.

8, wanda become the focus of internet companies at war.

like ali, do is very general in the content, and ali is a cultural industry has also been burn money status at present, the current ali needs to add in content by wanda film of the insufficiency of the plate.tencent with wanda commercial cooperation, and taking the advantage of ali mergence in wanda commercial, are in urgent need of the market, in business together against ali.from the side view, wanda has become the focus of company in the internet.

9, avoid risks, make shareholder structure more comprehensive development.

wanda and mr wang doing things more and more cautious now, in the introduction of structure of shareholders aspects are also think of some way to get more comprehensive to month.before the operation of the capital, the present major factions capital actually there is a big risk, such as"tomorrow"is jianlin is more worried about that, in order to avoid bigger then this risk, wang jianlin was introduced tencent, ali, jingdong, suning, melting and the shareholders, but also to avoid risk, to let more beneficial to the development of wanda after shareholder structure.

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