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january 12 in the afternoon, a person close to ofo:insiders to tencent technology revealed that start from this week, ofo:company account funds available only less than 600 million yuan, if the ofo:4-$500 million a month of wages and operational expenditure, as well as steady flow calculation, the deposit ofo:cash can only support one month.and at the same time, the ofo:still owe supply '2.5 billion yuan, the total amount of the deposit in the hole of about 3 billion.

this news got ofo:denial, said the situation is"rumor"without any basis in fact, ofo:company of justice has started to prosecute tencent the legal process of science and technology.a ofo:internal staff after seeing the report, said angry, this is the competition of smear, and points out that tencent and drops, the investment relationship between the worship.

there are rumours that previous, ofo:have completed a new round of alibaba led by$1 billion in financing, but the message has not been confirmed, a person close to ali from ai business club, said the deal very likely still not arrive.

attached ofo:against tencent technology"frontline"said today's statement:

1, ofo:orders remain stable at present, cash flow is very healthy.reports in the so-called decline in orders, money is tight, there is no any rumors of facts.

2, as a media portal, tencent technology using anonymous source, didn't make any communication and interview to the enterprise, fabricated news fact, lose the basic bottom line as the media, has lost the basic credibility.

3, tencent technology"frontline"release at the same time, we found that appeared on the internet a lot of similar articles.in fact, we have mastered a lot of evidence, there is reason to believe that this kind of public relations is behind the interest group, and interest groups to meet their demands by hook or by crook.

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