li ka-shing, buffett declined to coins?kodak gain in panic % of korean government


12, 2018, the universal into seems to be a"fried currency agitation".

in fact, since 2017, the currency began to rebound flash crash, soaring all the way, to support the currency block chain technology has also entered the people field of vision.

a copy coins!caused by the south korean government concern

in south korea, the students at recess view coins offer, the employees when lining up to buy coffee does not forget the currency trading, and even grandparents started playing at home this crazy"game"...the currency has become the mainstream in korea.

for some time, south koreans to the virtual currency such as coins investment enthusiasm, south korea has become one of the world's largest currency trading market.a large number of retail investors into the market strong demand for the currency, the currency market price is also high in korea, premium is obvious.

11, local time, south korea's justice minister piaoxiangji reporter interview in the new year is the problem such as virtual currency trading, said virtual currency sparked huge government worries, through exchange of justice is to draw up legislation to ban the virtual currency trading, closing exchange and legal work target.

on the same day, south korea's finance committee chairman cui zhong ball also said that by the virtual currency exchange causes very serious side effects in south korea, the finance committee with legal departments are working together, will be used by the virtual currency of overheating investment bring side effects to a minimum.related to speak cause the strongly against such as south korea's virtual currency investors, coins and other market price fell.

hitch a ride!kodak company in 328.%

ces at the consumer electronics show in las vegas, a 130-year-old film giant kodak launched a let all unexpected"heavy weapons"-the currency mining machine, kodak officially declared chain technology into blocks.

in addition, kodak at ces also released its own virtual currency"kodak currency".kodak also launched a trading and authorization of images, video, and other copyrighted content block chain kodakone trading platform, using the encryption of currency as"kodak currency".professional and business photographer can through the security block chain technology in this platform to buy and sell their works.

kodak ceo jeff clark(jeff clarke) said:"for many of the technology industry, encryption"block chain"and"money"is a popular buzzword.but for those who long to control their own work and the way of using the photographer, the buzzword is a feeling not the key to solve the problem."

kodak announced by the chain into blocks and launch digital encryption monetary this news, kodak's share price over the past two days straight, and trading volume significantly enlarge.after shares rose 119.35% on tuesday, wednesday kodak stock prices continue to soar, on wednesday to$13.27, highest in this price, kodak's share price jumped by 328.1%.

some experts said that although the block chain technology is the development trend of the future, but when the bubble burst, the devil will appear.

is a bubble or a trend?governments jointly"exterminating!"

the currency, the currency of encryption is closely related to the block chain technology, in 2017, the currency rose by 1700% for the year, and the crazy currency is called the"world's biggest bubble".

attitude towards digital currency is some international investment banks, referred to as"fraud", firmly, said it will be worthless, coins are governments jointly"exterminating";and to support the currency monetary institutions are still on the currency and encryption business trading platform, as a"revolutionary force"of the financial industry.

the absolute risk of coins?buffett never investment, li ka-shing for only 100 million

on january 5, talked about the recent hot coins, li ka-shing, there is no positive response to have investment, only said"i am a conservative,(coins) absolute risks".

li ka-shing said conservative, because only 1 invested more than 2014 hong kong dollars into the currency of terminal market.

11 news,"the stock god"buffett told cnbc interview a few days ago, he would never investment currency.

buffett believes that the recent industry enthusiasm for coins and other digital encryption currencies will not have a good ending.he said:"for the encrypted digital currency, i almost can say for sure, it doesn't have a good for this kind of bad ending when to come, and how bad, it is not good judgment."

buffett also said that he would not do the currency futures."i don't have the currency, also not short, it will never have it."

munger:should avoid coins like hide plague

in one of the world's most famous investors, buffett's"good gay friends"charlie munger, currency speculation is out-and-out"crazy", people should avoid coins like hiding the plague.

as a currency skeptic.munger said:"i think investment coins was a stupid idea, this is simply crazy bubble, no constructive ideas, to lure people into the illusion of overnight, it shouldn't be the things you should consider.there are a lot of things will not work for you automatically, find them, and then avoid this they produce any contact, the currency is one of the things you should avoid."

munger also explains why the currency is not a substitute for gold:"you know, it is considered that gold was based on the stored value, because you can't actually created more gold or let their production increased rapidly, so it has a scarcity.but believe me, the person is has the ability to create more currency, although the coins mean to tell you there are all sorts of rules, they do not at liberty to expand production, but they don't believe, when there is an enough incentives, bad things will happen."

xue barbarian:beer is a foam, but represents the future

"where there is fame and fortune, is necessarily evil, digital currency investment, too, have soared necessarily have collapsed, a lot of people are simply not eligible for investment, up happy, lost heart, and now cheater so much, bad account for most of the project, the cheap, sooner or later will also go back."

famous entrepreneurs, investors, xue barbarian recently said publicly, for the vast number of investors, chain blocks and digital currency investment is with foam of beer.don't try bubble to drink beer, but a bubble accounted for ninety percent.little real beer, now the project is most coins, air is greater than at the beginning of the internet bubble, valuations are still far.

look in xue savages, block chain technology like born in the 1990 s internet, represents the future, especially block chain technology advancement, the internet is a good iteration.he also said that block chain industry's future is very bright, but the road will be extremely twists and turns, challenge is also unprecedented.

many people addicted to the currency, in the tide of speculative, of course, also been concerns in the behind coins, block chain technology will change the life of the future.

after the tide receded, what is left on the beach?is a bubble?or in the future?

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