ali was listed in hong kong was rejected today hong kong opens a door for ali ma: i think


a few days ago, alibaba founder jack ma attended the establishment ceremony of zhejiang chamber of commerce in hong kong.ceremony, ma and hong kong's chief executive secretary lam meet for talks.

interview of eng zheng yuee mentioned now wrought a great innovation of the government, the hong kong government to welcome the new economic enterprise hkex also launched the reform of the"stock with different rights".hong kong chief executive also said:"i now hope that alibaba can return to hong kong.".ma reply said:"we will"seriously considering"listed in hong kong"

this conversation is a bit 2007, ali's alibaba b2b business network co., ltd., has been in hong kong, 2012., hong kong so not accept ali"stock with different rights"this reason refused ma partner system, such as the hong kong stock exchange reform in sight, finally alibaba travel to the united states to apply for ipo.

suddenly thought of"yesterday you are to me a love to ignore, tomorrow i can't let you have been."this sentence.

this sentence don't know what is the earliest from wechat business circles or imaginative jokes hand, specific source don't delve into.mention this sentence many netizens in the mind character has a certain is alibaba founder jack ma.

graph:ma in response to"a love to ignore, afford to have been"

what is mr ma said the most words?i never said that this sentence an interview program, ma responded to the rumours"a love to ignore, can't afford to plus a"golden words--never said these words, was this label because before you don't understand themselves, that's all.

perhaps the former can't understand and now one by one, to become a reality formed by the strong contrast, make net friends are more willing to take the contrast as"a love to ignore, 'no."

in addition to the above ali had been listed in hong kong was rejected, and now to be invited to return to the hkex netizens are calling"a love to ignore, the highs", online events there are few cases of the same type:

key words:25 people kfc interview, 24 people through, that is ma didn't pass;in 2016, mr ma"buy"and"kfc"

graph:pang door right

in 2016, the primavera capital and ant gold suit to yum china investment of$460 million, then yum brands(brand including kfc, pizza hut, little sheep, east dawning, etc.) and yum china split, the latter as an independent company listed on the new york stock exchange trading.

rough point understanding is ma yungu ant gold suit the chinese bought ma mentioned in his speech ever apply for more jobs, among them, 25 people to apply for kfc, 24 people were admitted, not be admitted that person is yourself.

key words:traditional bank has turned down, financial dream round it.

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alibaba electrical business bud ma yunceng consulted a bank guarantee in order to solve the seller would not first shipment, the buyer is willing to pay first crisis of confidence, but the bank refused to jack ma, then ma risk going to jail online pay, some ways pay treasure in promoting the transformation of traditional banks.

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