from the water to the blossoming mobile payment branching out in hong kong

on december 23, 2017, is hong kong's return to 20 years, this year is the 20th anniversary of the octopus birth.once octopus let hong kong people are very proud, because the one card in hand,"du"is complete with a payment, well ahead of the mainland.the octopus in 20 years successfully captured areas such as transportation, catering, shopping, entrance guard, the people of hong kong as long as with octopus, can be completed in the mall, the bulk of the spending on transportation activities, only market, the market is not yet widely.octopus has become the most convenient retail electronic trading system in hong kong, hong kong citizens at least one per person.

"pay treasure to hk for testing in a shop"

but 20 years later, the lowu footbridge across shenzhen, has been all-round popularization of mobile payment, mobile money, even the street vendor selling fruit cart with qr codes when you receive money, hong kong is still the octopus monopoly of the world.though hk pay treasure, hk wechat and apple pay are eyeing this"fat"in hong kong, but hong kong people's consumption mentality is still not fully open, not ready to embrace new things.

why hong kong people love alone octopus?

mobile payment is not popular in hong kong, with a basket of reasons, including the privacy security, convenience, inertia, efficiency, etc.theory of security, mobile payment or electronic money package involving personal information such as credit cards, octopus don't need to be a notch above.theory of convenience and inertia, if don't take a taxi, octopus on food and clothing live line id line, easily become a hong kong people to love.

the efficiency of mobile payment can actually small octopus, because of the mobile phone welded to hong kong, with apple pay, android pay, need not take octopus wallet, payment process can save a few seconds, but for a few seconds, will not be enough to persuade hong kong people to give up used the octopus.

hong kong efficiency, more utilitarian, but also is favorable, sometimes offer more over privacy, convenience and inertia, to science and technology each big mobile payment platform to offer those markets, and it was not small mercies, such as pay treasure to hong kong earlier in 7-11 spending$30 minus 10 yuan, as much as six or seven fold, wechat pay heart cake in the united states to buy bread with 25 rmb 5 yuan reduction etc.promotion has certain effect, has surveyed consumers, worried about security issues, but after seeing the supermarket provides the mobile payment return privilege, registration will download, use the new payment platform.

but big discount cannot push for a long time, and there are more consumers, said many mobile payment platform, which offer more than just using the, no discount, no use octopus, hong kong people are very smart, preferential and consumption.

the mobile payment market would-be

the hong kong monetary authority last year, the market in succession handed out 6 stored value to pay tool licences, including tng wallet, octopus, o!epay"good easy to give", hong kong telecommunications tap&go"reward"on live, wechat hong kong wallet wechat pay, pay treasure to hk, and the paypal came to hong kong for a long fact, there are several kinds of electronic payment system, including the iphone apple pay, android mobile phone android the samsung pay pay, samsung mobile phones, etc., but as a result of these electronic payment system does not have stored value function, so don't need to get the stored value to pay tool.

as big brother and local strongmen, octopus, 2017 mobile phone application o!epay app, has the app is mainly used in online shopping, buy electronic tickets, telephone tag, and other areas of the traditional, give a person the feeling of the octopus is installed to mobile phones, the octopus sim card and o!epay can two-way transfer and value-added, nfc mobile phone function can see octopus balance and transaction history, but the penetration rate is not high.

hk wechat wallet and hk alipay also scored the hong kong market last year, with powerful mainland version is different, the two functions will diminish after to hong kong.such as hk pay treasure no balance and treasure, micro letter wallet temporarily only in hk and settlement, the user cannot choose rmb transactions.

wechat hong kong wallet at present the main function for tourist attractions tickets, travel packages, the popular food, clothing, etc.micro letter wallet binding mastercard and visa credit card, can bind at most 2 micro letter 1 credit card accounts, a micro letter can bind 5 credit card account.each user or a credit card payment limit for hk$5000 per month.not bind credit card or not set wechat payment password, daily pay hk$200, most can only pay hk$500 per month.believe hong kong wechat wallet will be the development direction of par with the mainland version, but when there are unknown.

on may 24, pay treasure to staff show new application interface.

additional functionality not mobile payment development

seemingly"warlords regime"mobile payment in hong kong, is still in its infancy, consumers pay habits take time to develop.even if wechat, has developed very mature in the mainland, the hong kong temporarily didn't take out what exciting alipay, relying on the powerful and increasingly frequent trade, hong kong and the mainland will consolidate its advantages in the field of online alipay hk partner-qian fang good close, is by the establishment of the hong kong 80 ying-hao li after 6 years ago in beijing, the mainland has become the mainstream of payment platform, provide unionpay, pay treasure to pay for mobile payment and micro letter business platform, more than 300 cities in the mainland rooted, provide paid service for 50 million consumers.

a few days ago, qian fang so close and pay treasure to hk willing hands of preemption of the mobile payment market in hong kong.ying-hao li said:"pay treasure to hk main localization, is the biggest different as before, don't feel like a service before the people of hong kong, is a service to users on the mainland, hong kong people and now is the real service.hong kong has more than 100 brands, more than 2000 stores, pharmacy, cosmetics, retail, food and beverage are included."

in the eyes of ying-hao li, payment tool functions are never beyond the payment.he thinks, the mobile payment can be divided into two parts, one is payment, 2 it is additional features, such as order, take a taxi, buy a ticket.hong kong now is only the first part, the second part is close to zero.

he said:"if you only do the payment, is equal to the put octopus in the mobile phone, although convenient, but in the whole play is just the tip of the iceberg.will launch more different style in the future."

ying-hao li on the development of mobile payment in the future of hong kong is a lot of confidence, but think the next three or four years will come into a period of rapid growth.

how mobile payment get hong kong people's heart?

pay treasure to just began to enter hong kong in 2007, and experienced a period of addition to using inconvenient factors, coupled with the hong kong society has formed a relatively perfect financial system, credit cards, octopus is very rich also, so mobile payment in hong kong.until the"hk"version of the mobile payment, this situation has changed.hong kong users has lowered the threshold of the mobile payment, simplify the procedures, at the same time, you can use the new functions of the mobile payment and provides many benefits.such as micro letter pay to encourage users to use mobile payment in hong kong, has launched the first 50000 new users can receive micro letter envelopes of hk$10.88.and the launch of alipay hk in the first two weeks of attracted 100000 active users.currently about 400000 people in hong kong have pay treasure account, more than ten thousand merchants version can use rmb pay treasure, of which about five thousand hk receive hk can use pay treasure.during national day golden week in 2017, pay treasure to app has more than 200000 hong kong electronic coupons by obtaining and using.

mobile payment development step by step in hong kong, continue to expand into new watsons, okanagan valley, salsa and other consumers familiar with hong kong merchants have access to mobile payment services, covering to the daily life of each category, so to speak.recently, the hong kong public to the market to buy food can also use the mobile payment.kwun tong hong kong show mau ping baoda streets as pilot of pay treasure to hk, is hong kong's first"no cash market", users can enjoy the highest during the promotion of hk$65 cash back offers.

reporter thought, to improve customer loyalty, increase the permeability and usage of mobile payment, the platform can be used in hong kong, effective suction tool:storage, storage printing.

habit even hong kong people love consumption, storage in air, in clay pot, changing doll, supermarket, desktop liquor stores are successful detain a guest.octopus has daily reward points program storage, mobile payment platform with its max efficiency, higher payments and other advantages, also need to have a storage plan, reward is big enough, to the hong kong people a reason to move.source:

beijing evening news the hong kong special writing si qing

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